Surfing, Nazarè and its history. The special on Sky

The story of a fishing village in Portugal that became legendary for its giant waves and its surfers. The special broadcast today at 6.15pm on Sky Sport 24 – and available on demand – takes us to Nazarè

Nazare it’s a special place, with a special story. A small fishing village in the heart of Portugal. Halfway between Lisbon and Porto. Where traditions and technological innovations go hand in hand. Fishing and summer tourism on the one hand, the surf on the other. For several years, surfing has become international. You don’t just surf in Hawaii, California or Australia anymore. There are many European advertisements. In Portugal is the only stage of the World Surf League. Tokyo received the historic first Olympic medal. But there you face each other on waves of one or two meters. When you exceed six meters, you enter the world of the Big Wave. And Nazaré became a few years ago giant wave surfing paradise.

The largest underwater canyon in Europe

These waves that are cost the lives of many fishermenhave now become the main winter tourist attraction of this village famous in Portugal for the women with seven skirts and the dried fish. the myth of 30 meter waves in Nazare was born underwaterthanks to his underwater canyon. The biggest in Europe. Which ends about a kilometer from Praia do Norte. Right in front of the Lighthouse. Canyon which has the ability to compress and increase the speed of storm surges. This effect attracts waves that amplify and collide at the right time, creating a wedge that turns them into “Bomba” as the surfers of Nazaré call them. Practically a wave of 12-15 meters can suddenly become 25. Nazaré and its surfers have also become the protagonists of a television series available on demand on Sky Documentaries: “La Grande Onda”. In the second season (coming out in the next few months), there will also be our guide to this journey: Alessandro Marcianothe first Italian giant wave surfer to settle in Nazaré.


The story of Alessandro Marcianò

Alessandro has experienced the big wave season here since 2015, which runs from November to April. He, gone from the undines of Santa Marinellaarrived in Nazaré thanks to the invitation of the surfer who invented it: the Hawaiian Garrett McNamara. For Alessandro it was love at first sight, not only with the sea, but also in life. In Nazaré he found a companion and a daughter. With him we tried to understand the motivations that drive men and women to defy the waves which can exceed 30 meters. The difficulties, the safety protocols, the stories behind it all. But with him we were able to see the waves very closely. With his jet ski we went to the take off areajust in front of Faro and Praia do Norte, live a unique experience that, together with “Nazaré, the wave of dreams”, available on demand and broadcast today on 6:15 p.m. to Sky Sport 24we want to pass on to you.



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