Swimming in the pool: how to train for good results

No.swimming in the pool, and of course also in the sea or in the lake, offers enormous advantages for everyone and at any age. AND multi-level health improvements. First, it strengthens the joint functionalityfrom whole body muscles from head to toe,heart system and from that circulatory. It is an excellent exercise for develop breathing capacity. And of course it is also an infallible method for those who want shape the figure And lose a few pounds.
But the benefits go beyond the physical ones. Swimming is a very powerful form of meditation. By focusing on correct breathing and coordinating it with the movement of the arms and legs, a natural is activated anti-stress mechanism which produces serotonin (neurotransmitter also called “good mood hormone”) and breaks down cortisol, the hormone linked to negative stressful emotions. We talked about it with Arena And Marco Pedoja, coach of Nicolò MartinenghiOlympic bronze medal in the 100m breaststroke and 4x100m medley.

How to motivate those who do not want to swim to try a session in the pool?

Convincing someone to take a swimming lesson or in any case to get into the water is never easy, because there are many variations and questions to be answered. For example, the classic fear is: “I am ashamed to dress myself”. The the difficulty is in the mental approach. Going in the water with the student can always be a good choice. Then you have to make sure that the student really wants to take the course, that she doesn’t have to feel pressured and forced.

What is swimming good for?

Swimming is good for the body, but especially for the mind. Physically because it is aprimarily aerobic activity and in addition to burning excess fat boosts metabolism And overall tones the muscles. It is also good for the spirit: 30 minutes of swimming, submerged in gravity draining water, helps to drown out thoughts and completely disconnect from the real world (for example, it is not possible to always have a PC and a smartphone at hand).

How many times a week is it recommended to bathe and for how long?

Swimming must be practiced 2 times a week for at least 30 minutes. THE the first 20 are always engine activation and the next minutes are training burns calories. If you then want to add a the third session is always a good thing, but it must come with time and desire. Never do it reluctantly.

An easy pool workout routine to entice the lazy?

To seduce the laziest it is always good to make a program that includes breaks between rounds and that’s all as varied as possible. For example, 1km is made up of 40 laps, but it’s one thing to do 40 in a row or break it up like this:




2 × 100 + 4 × 50 + 4 × 25 to repeat twice.

It’s always 1km, but it depends on how the menu is presented.

Fins, gloves and tablets: when and what are they for?

Swimming equipment can be used for two reasons: the first is for improve technique and increase support surface of his body and therefore thethrust efficiency. While the second is for increase fatiguebecause by moving more water into it fatigue increases exponentially with the force applied to the technical gesture. the spruce sare perfect for those who intend strengthen the legs and buttocks and facilitate the execution of the exercise.

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Can swimming be combined with other forms of training? If so, what are the best combinations?

Swimming is a mainly aerobic sport and it would go combined with weight training sessions in the gym. Nothing starts on an exercise bike or treadmill, but only core exercises (core stability) and weights for the back, chest, arms and legs.

How to choose the right glasses?

Good glasses are those that allow you to have a 180° view. It doesn’t matter whether we have a sponge or rubber to prevent water from entering. No need to pull too hard on the rubber band and roll your eyes. You just need to find a a visual comfort that even a few euro glasses can provide.

Kate and William at the bottom of the abyss: the thrilling dive to swim with sharks

Kate and William at the bottom of the abyss: the thrilling dive to swim with sharks

Which headphones are better to wear?

The ideal helmet is in silicone. The canvas one lets the skin of the head breathe, but often runs the risk of slipping when swimming. The the latex cap is not very elastic: tears his hair out and is stiff. The shower cap has other uses.

What are the characteristics of a good swimsuit for swimming in the pool?

The swimsuit it must be whole. Open or closed back few changes, but certainly with strong straps.

The two-piece must be avoided so as not to fall into the two-piece after a push against the wall after the tack. The costume is like a dress that makes you feel safe even outside your habitat.

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If you train all winter, then by the sea how do you keep in shape?

At the sea you continue to keep in shape by swimming or walking on the beach, whilestrictly before breakfast and on an empty stomach to stimulate the metabolism.


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