Syracuse. Pnrr Health and policies for the elderly, the concerns of Auser and Uil –

Pnrr funds to be intercepted, policy of increased support for the weakest and the elderly, dialogue to be intensified with governments. These are the key points discussed during the provincial administration of the Uil Pensionati Syracuse, which is moving towards the congress phase. The intervention of the provincial secretary Emanuele Sorrentino is articulated.
“There are a lot of open questions and more dialogue is needed with the government because the national structure had started to achieve a balanced budget and to penalize as little as possible the employees but especially the pensioners who do not manage to find the stability to live. We are working on it and we talk about it daily with the union leaders – adds Sorrentino – it is always a reason for great discussion also with the other unions to choose common tables and ensure that there are political presences We have increased the number of members of the Uil Pensionati by more than 50%, certainly not only thanks to us but also to those who preceded us, even if we too have worked and are working intensely to be increasingly a point of reference in a province where, for example, the quality of life is still difficult.And the ruthless rankings in witness gent, attesting to the presence of so many problems. Starting with the socio-sanitary problem that the pandemic has exposed. If there had been this emergency already in the first months in a heavy way as happened in northern Italy, we do not know how it would have ended here. We have talked about it several times and even if today we talk less about the health emergency, the problems remain. Because the health services in the structures have been reset and blocked, prevention is no longer being done and despite our reminders, the health tables that we had started, we notice that we are continuously running into rubber walls because there is no there is no will to find solutions”.
“Are we talking about the Pnrr Funds? The money will arrive in our territory – concludes the provincial secretary Uil Pensionati – but as has happened in previous years, if we are not able to spend it in time, we will lose it”.

L’Auser then discusses the challenges of the PNRR and interventions in favor of non-autonomous elderly people, as well as the reform of social services, through the words of President Stefano Gugliotta, who expresses a series of concerns.

“We are witnessing – explains Gugliotta – the production of provisions which, although appreciable in their individual content, are however weakened in their effectiveness by the lack of integration. An example: the reform of territorial aid and Community Houses (cf. Dm 71/22), does not appear and is only mentioned in a few chapters and is therefore marginal.
Just as it is not clear at present whether the socio-sanitary districts, one of the pillars of the non-self-sufficiency reform, are closely integrated with the community houses, currently conceived as a simple reproposition of the nursing homes. And again – he continues – it is not clear whether the relationship between Essential Levels of Assistance (LEA) and Essential Levels of Performance (LEP) is characterized by integration or simple juxtaposition. The Third Sector also remains absolutely marginal. For all these reasons – concludes Gugliotta – we demand not only a change in the direction of the government, but also a greater role for the Region of Sicily, which must be able to claim the rights of the weakest layers of society”.

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