Syracuse, the Citadel of Sport returns to the hands of the Municipality, which reproduces Ortigia and presents projects for the Pnrr

For two days in general silence (understandable that of the former director, except that of the municipality), the Cittadella dello Sport returned to the hands of Palazzo Vermexio. Thus ends the management of the rowing club of Ortigia which in 2017 won the tender promoted by the previous union, which provided for a 15-year management of the most important sports site in the city. After not even 5, however, the Citadel is back in full management of Palazzo Vermexio which, between the present and the future, will have to decide how to give new life to this place that breathes sport and history.

A major helping hand can certainly come from the PNRR, which is currently seeing the expiry of two important assets for the presentation of projects. And the Municipality is trying to seize the opportunity, given that until late last night we worked to meet the deadlines. Just on the PNRR and on the projects, a few days ago the now former director of the Citadel reached out to the administration, inviting it to follow a common path, using certain projects that the company already had in the pipes. But the municipal administration, through the voice of the sports policy adviser, Andrea Firenze, declines the invitation, deeming it late.

I did not participate “before” the announcement nor “during” the call for tenders nor “after” the termination of the management contract – explains Florence – even if today, having been questioned by the president of the SSD Ortigia, as a sports adviser, I cannot help saying my reflection on the merits. The facts are: the non-payment of electricity and gas for a huge amount, the management’s failure to comply with the contract and the law, the methods of carrying out and financing the works under contract“.

These are the reasons given by the aedile that pushed Palazzo Vermexio to take possession of all the sports facilities. Regarding the availability of the project by the president of Ortigia, the commissioner of Florence specifies that he has never escaped a request for a meeting from any president of a sports club ”who wanted to talk to me or suggest something for the good of the sport and the city. And do you think I would never have done it with that of the Ortigia Rowing Club where my son or my grandchildren swim and which is the sporting pride of Syracuse in Italy and Europe and which counts among its leaders the vice -president of the Italian swimming federation, the engineer Marotta?

And for this reason the member of the council reiterates his availability for a meeting, however, letting all citizens and all public opinion know that “the executives knew and know that the expression of interest in the call for projects on the PNR to compete for clusters 1 and 2 of funding up to 3.5 million euros had to be formulated by the establishment at the latest on 04/22/2022. That is, the invitation to the sense of responsibility two days after the deadline“. Hence the “no, thank you” advise Firenze, who in his note also specifies how article 4 of the opinion is present (“and the president knew and knows“) An impediment, indeed prohibitive: that the city proposing the request for expression of interest had its factory in its full availability and that it was not the subject of a dispute.

Which, as the president writes, “is the time to show responsibility and that things can be done for the good of the city and the sport – concludes – it is the same who resisted the delivery of the Citadel last week by opposing meaning and wisps and it is the same who, two days after the expiry of the announcement, submits his availability in exchange for a amicable agreement on the ongoing dispute. I will not judge but the facts. More words. No more confusion. The reality of the Citadel of Sport is under everyone’s eyes. I am not against any society but I am for the truth which is the basis of a healthy civil coexistence and to educate the new generations. I hope to be able to help my city and my fellow citizens to take back their future and to be able to contribute to the development of sport.. “

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