Tavernelle, Health Promotion, Municipalities, Health District and Schools sign the Pact for the reading of Trasimeno

Reading as a tool for psychophysical well-being. The “Local pact for reading Trasimeno”, signed this morning at the central Digipass hub in Tavernelle, is based on this premise. To sign the agreement, the Union of Municipalities of Trasimeno, through its president, the eight lake municipalities through their respective institutional representatives, the health district of Trasimeno through its director and the schools of all types and levels through their various senior staff.

Reading has proven to be an important tool for promoting individual and social well-being that produces both short- and long-term benefits for psychological health and general health. Develop critical thinking, improve emotional literacy, increase knowledge of oneself, of others, of the world. Early reading in the family also promotes a child’s cognitive and emotional development.

The local reading pacts, created in accordance with Law 15/2020, contribute in particular to the achievement of the 4th objective of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: “Provide quality, equitable and inclusive education, and learning opportunities for all”, through the improvement of the reading skills of citizens.

With the signing of today’s agreement (in application of the Umbrian regional plan for reading), local authorities and schools in Trasimeno have set themselves a series of objectives, among which: spreading the habit of reading as a tool for individual and civil growth, social and economic territorial development; encourage an increase in the number of readers by promoting the social image of books and reading within the framework of cultural consumption practices; promote early reading in the family, as it promotes the cognitive development of the child and strengthens the parent-child relationship, thanks to the involvement of the “Born to Read Umbria” territorial reading networks and the health and social services of the regional maternal health networks – children.

Moreover, the right to read is recognized as fundamental for all citizens; targeted interventions are promoted for specific groups of readers and for territories where the rate of educational and cultural poverty is highest, also in order to prevent or combat the phenomena of social exclusion; reading is made accessible to all, in particular people with disabilities or those with language and learning disabilities and children with special educational needs; frequenting libraries and bookstores and knowledge of Umbrian publishing production are encouraged.

For the occasion, each municipality received a reading kit for nursery schools. The equipment was purchased by the Union of Communes through the regional fund for the educational coordination of crèches.

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