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Alessandro Picchi

Lorenzo Baron (pictured) has reached its eighty-fourth day of travel on the world’s longest land route. After about 9,000 kilometers he is in Ethiopia, about to cross the Sudanese border. “I knew from the start that it wouldn’t be easy – writes the young explorer from San Gemini on his social networks – but to go and try it was enough for me to know that it was possible. Now I am going through the hardest part of the whole trip. I am in the north of Ethiopia, near Tigray, where I meet armed soldiers all the time and who sometimes stop me to open my bicycle panniers and check what I have inside. In the last 2,000 kilometres, food becomes increasingly scarce. But then I walked into the city ​​of Bahir Dar, where I felt like I was in paradise. While I was pedaling I saw a sign that said pizza burger, walked in and saw a guy serving a plate with a big mouthwatering burger to a customer. Hungry, after 80 miles, I ordered a pizza and a burger, but when they served them, I only managed to eat half a pizza. I was satisfied. My stomach isn’t used to eating “big” amounts anymore, so I finished the pizza and the burger around midnight, taking lots of breaks in between.

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Monday, May 9 after crossing a pass over 3,000 meters – recount Barone – a long descent of about 20 kilometers brought me past the Blue Nile. Along the climb that brought me back to the other side of the river, about fifty children greeted me by continuously throwing stones at me and it was hard escape, because of the slope and the dirt road.

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At the end of the day I reached the town of Debre Markos where I got a room for three euros and some food improve that I managed to eat were boiled eggs with bread. Along the way, I often meet men with the turban armed with guns that emerge from the hills, but for now – he assures – I haven’t had any problems, only that I’m starting to be tiredness“. Leaving Cape Town on February 20 and heading for the Bering Strait, it is therefore for Barone a complex stage of the journey which puts his strength and his energy to the test. Sunday May 15, he should reach Sudan where, writes -he, “I will be able to relax from the tension and stress accumulated here (in Ethiopia, editor’s note) and regain my strength. I have not yet covered even a third of the longest course in the world – said Lorenzo on Thursday – but I assure you that I use all my energies to complete this adventure. I’m tired, but the satisfaction of having come this far is really huge”.

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