Terre della Salute: the secret to the long life of nutrition

Objective: to disseminate food prevention through science, events and communication

HIS. Nutrition and lifestyle: elixir of life. The Terre della Salute project starts from this slogan, a working group created to promote a healthy lifestyle focusing on quality food as a reference model. Terre della Salute, idea of ​​a team of communication professionals with the collaboration of professors, researchers and doctors. The objective is to widely disseminate the most advanced research and scientific knowledge on nutrition, lifestyle and health through a series of face-to-face meetings. The first is scheduled for Saturday April 2 at 5 p.m. in Santa Maria della Scala in Siena with the participation of leading doctors and scientists in the sector, in collaboration with the Municipality of Siena.

Stefano Ciatti

The project. The question of dietary prevention plays a role of great importance for our health, but often goes unnoticed by the general public. Today science, through targeted and proven research, is increasingly able to demonstrate the effectiveness with which certain foods can promote well-being and medical prevention, especially if they are associated with good hygiene. suitable life. The idea of ​​Terre della Salute is to create an archive to collect all these studies by scientists, researchers and medical specialists who promote the philosophy of good living practices by giving visibility through communication and sharing with citizens. A scientific committee of absolute value and recognized by the international medical-scientific community will be the backbone of the project assisted by a team of communication professionals who will take care of the dissemination on digital channels (also planned a dedicated online site research and interviews) and traditional.

Coordinated by Stefano Ciatti, president of Vino e Salute, the scientific group is formed by Annalisa Santucci, Antonio Giodanol, Teresita Mazzei, Maria Cristina Petrella, Romano Pucci, Romano Pucci, Marco Biagi, Alessandro Zanasi, Paolo Ceccarelli, Gilberto Martelli, Giovanni Biggio , Claudio Regoli, Maurizio Masini. “The territory of Siena and its Province – explains the coordinator, Stefano Ciatti – is among the most beautiful and richest of our Peninsula, but also among the healthiest for body and soul thanks to the continuous contact with nature. This is the starting point of our project: enhancing the territory through scientific research related to food, physical exercise, brain stimulation sublimated by the beauty that surrounds us, for a way of life that welcomes new generations. with a new awareness.

While waiting for the “premiere” scheduled for Siena (the program of the day: Terre della Salute-1) the portal www.terredellasalute.it has been online for a few days and will be a container of information and studies from the Committee.

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