Tesi Group, with Johnson we go back to the beginning – Sport

by Maurizio Innocenti

Pistoia is once again the team at the start of the season, the one designed, created and wanted by Marco Sambugaro and Nicola Brienza. The return of Jazz Johnson has indeed allowed the reds and whites to return to the old configuration, the one that best corresponds to the characteristics of the team. Congratulations to Iesse Marco Sambugaro for carrying out the Johnson operation, confirming himself as one of the best managers in the entire A2 series and to the company for approving the operation. Congratulations especially to the team that accepted the return of Johnson, who was by no means taken for granted. Jazz is a valuable item, but the reds and whites have shown they know how to win by sacrificing themselves and working overtime when he’s not around. During these three months of absence they sacrificed themselves by overcoming the difficulties, often playing even when the physical condition would not have allowed it, always keeping the high level. Congratulations to Johnson who showed up with great humility thanking his teammates again and again, the coach and the Goddess and who appeared the most embarrassed for all the uproar built around his comeback with a celebratory shirt. Throughout the press conference, Jazz was staring at his teammates as if to say he had nothing to do with this show, that it wasn’t his doing. “It’s fantastic to be here again – says Johnson – I thank Sambugaro and coach Brienza and it’s nice to see the captain and all the guys who have welcomed me with open arms. In this period of distance , we have always felt, they have been close to me and I thank them for that.When the manager Sambugaro presented me with the opportunity to return to Pistoia I jumped at the chance and I am happy to be back to the teams and to Pistoia. It’s as if I never left”. Jazz also goes back on his mistake without making any discounts, especially to himself. “When the news arrived, the world fell on me – continues Johnson – and the first thing I thought was that everything could disappear in an amen and for that we must appreciate what we have. In this period , my dad helped me a lot telling me not to think about what happened because we all make mistakes and think about moving forward he is a coach and i have worked with him so much and I worked hard to stay in shape. Now I just want to start playing again and with the team go as far as possible in the playoffs.” There is also the satisfaction of the management because Jazz had left a good memory “We are happy to see him back among us – says the president Massimo Capecchi – Jazz, in addition to having demonstrated his qualities on the ground, has also done in the way he fits into the team and the city. Let’s start from where we started”. “I thank the club for having endorsed this operation – admits Marco Sambugaro – With Johnson we are returning to the initial configuration which seems to us to be the right one to be competitive”. “The hot moment of the season begins – declares Nicola Brienza – and we are happy to put Jazz back in the engine of the team. We have again become the team designed at the beginning of the year”.

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