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tézenis verona


TOP SECRET FERRARA: Cloths 9, Mayfield 14, Vencato 4, Pacher 19, Fantoni 4, Zampini 12, Filoni 4, Petrovic 11, Campani. Leka herds

TEZENIS VERONA: Caroti 6, Pini 11, Rosselli 7, Anderson 13, Johnson 12, Spanghero 7, Candussi 8, Casarin 2, Grant 9, Udom 5. All. Ramagli

Referees: Patti, Valleriani and Lucotti

Partials: 17-24, 40-40, 55-57

by Mauro Paterlini


A playoff atmosphere on and off the field, and a pet peeve which for Top Secret is confirmed as such, the Tezenis Verona. Who has not lost in Ferrara since 2018 and who yesterday, despite taking risks, showed why without the 3-point penalty he would be first in the standings. Athletic, tough enough and oh so deep, with the right mix of veterans and talented youngsters, the Ramagli boys sprinted to victory, a matter of the details, but hats off to Top Secret, just for an incomplete change. This time, unfortunately, Agustin Fabi is called up with an ankle injury and likely out until the playoffs, while Campani only plays for a few minutes before going out with a nasty blow to the jaw. However, Leka’s team is struggling and before seeing their eleventh consecutive victory at home fade, they sell their skin very dearly. Chiusi’s victory relegates Kleb to fifth place in the clock phase, four games that will determine playoff pairings, starting next Saturday

Verona started very strong and ran away on 8-20 after a few minutes and the approach of the first quarter made the difference, Ferrare often being forced to shoot from three points, because the contacts in the box were very hard. The energy of Zampini and Filoni brings the Kleb down to seven under on the first siren, and now the game is getting dirtier and the home team is also increasing the intensity. It is Mayfield and captain Fantoni who are playing the charge at this point, and the partial 15-0 (19-32, 34-32) is a spark for Este’s gym, which at the longest siren attends a very balanced match 40-40.

Tezenis, however, is a crafty and expert team, and a veteran like Rosselli cranks up the volume and favors the 9-0 that opens the third quarter. Le Kleb, with patience, resumed the sewing of the canvas and the reassembly point by point, with a more incisive Pacher: his hat-trick of 49-53 and the basket which brings his to minus two on the third siren. And once again Aj pocketed the three points which blew up the building and led Kleb to 58-57 in the 33rd minute. Verona never really dies, however, and finds the heavy shots from Spanghero and Grant bringing him back with decision (65-71 at 4’48”). We are in Petrovic’s area, and Danilo responds, first with the hat-trick of 70-71, then the incredible 75-75 at 1’14”. Pacher overtakes on the line (77-75), but Anderson is a three-point killer and Mayfield gets blocked (77-78). Anderson still scores with a steal after Johnson’s 02 and Panni’s last desperate triple crash to the iron.

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