The 10 water sports to entertain children and parents –

With the arrival of summer, the increase in temperatures and the lengthening of the days, the desire to do increases outdoor sports and physical activitieslooking for opportunities to have fun, perhaps in nature, with friends or family.
Summer and especially holidays become the time when children can test themselves, experience new adventures and have fun with each other and with their parents. I’the waterwhether it is a lake, river, sea or swimming pool, it becomes the protagonist element in which you can enjoy new experiences in complete freedom.

The web offers a lot of ideas and information about sport which can be practiced in water. They are numerous, of different difficulty and equipment and, some of them, such as kayaking, canoeing and fishing, do not require sports training or lessons, unlike other activities such as surfing, windsurfing and water skiing, where you have to be prepared by a qualified instructor.

The website for example, it devotes a lot of space to water sports and games, offering visitors a large display case equipped with equipment, accessories and complements for the practice of your favorite activity, ensuring the satisfaction of young and old.

Fishing, patience is the virtue of the strong

Although to go to fishing you don’t have to immerse yourself in water, it remains an outdoor activity already in the spring, at the sea, in the lake or along the rivers. It is the ideal solution for those looking for a union between water and land and, to be practiced, only needs fishing rods and a quiet place where you can relax and reconnect with nature.

Kayaking, emotions on the surface of the water

This small boat with very ancient origins is very popular with young and old alike for its conformation which lends itself to satisfying both thrill seekers and those who prefer to glide serenely on the water, the sea or the lake.
the kayak it is characterized by a simple opening in which to enter the legs so that they remain secure. Precisely for this reason it is perfect for children who will thus avoid the risk of falling into the water. Another great advantage of kayaking is the possibility of being able to practice it without any preparation. We can say without a doubt that it is an activity accessible to all.

Canoeing, a recreational sport

Well known to the general public with its tapered shape and oars, the canoe is water sports ideal for those who want to paddle without excessive effort, even against the current. Unlike a kayak, its open structure makes it easy to get back on board even in complicated situations. Contemporary canoes, single or two-seater, are available in many materials, shapes, sizes and colors, adapting to the needs and experience of those who use them.

Sup, the thrill of walking on water

In line with kayaking and canoeing, there is an alternative that has spread very quickly in recent years, but that many are still unaware of: the supper. It is a very wide board that allows you to slide on the water standing, sitting or kneeling. The changeover takes place thanks to a long oar which gently moves the water around, getting the thrust forward.

Surf, ride the waves

Among nautical sports surfing is what makes room with force in the mind, especially in the presence of rough seas.
In this case, preparation and training are necessary to be able to practice safely. By following a teacher, even the youngest can learn to surf the waves in complete safety.

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Windsurfing, flying in the waves

For older children, a sport to try is sailboard, which only appears to be risky. This sport is a reinterpretation of the classic surf but this adds to the simple array navigate to be able to move with the wind to be able to move. An activity that adults also enjoy and which can be practiced both at the lake and at the sea.

Bodyboard, ride the waves

Another sport very similar to surfing that entertains all those who participate in this challenge is the bodyboarding. Thanks to a shorter board than the typical surfboard, to be able to have fun with this sport, you just have to surf the small waves while staying on it with your torso. By directing it thanks to the pressure exerted with the arms on the board, you will be able to surf the waves experiencing exhilarating emotions.

Water skiing, a timeless and fascinating sport

Also called water skiingthis sport remains among the most exciting and by following the right precautions and wearing the right equipment, it can be practiced by anyone, even by children who, for safety, can be equipped with a life buoy.
The operation of this sport is very simple: the skier is towed by a small motor boat held firmly by means of a rope: the pleasure consists in gradually increasing the speed and not falling despite the curves and the wind.

Snorkeling, the spectacle of the seabed

Who said fun was only out of water? The seabed, with its fauna and flora, can be very interesting. A unique opportunity to discover unusual and fascinating creatures and ecosystems is represented by the snorkeling and it is the observation of the underwater environment, in shallow waters. In this case, you don’t need scuba tanks and wetsuits, just masks, snorkels and fins to move more comfortably.

Underwater, exploring the seabed

If observing the underwater environment while remaining on the surface of the water was not enough, there is the possibility of wearing a suit, bottles and using regulators to be able to breathe underwater in total autonomy. Obviously, theunderwater activity, absolutely implies a necessary preparation which allows to acquire the knowledge necessary for a safe practice of this exciting sport. For everything else, there is!

To conclude, don’t forget that whatever sport you choose, what matters is the attention to the safety of all and respect for the surrounding environment, to be able to continue enjoying and having fun, without danger.

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