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The Calls for Culture and Sport of Publicacqua 2022 are open: 445 thousand euros in total to support the territory. the sports ad it supports all those who carry out activities of a social nature “using” sport as a tool for education and inclusion, recovery and socialization. the Cultural appeal it is used to finance the production and realization of cultural events. Both are reserved for subjects operating in the 46 municipalities where the company manages the water service and both have a deadline for submitting applications: April 22, 2022.

The Publiacqua Sport 2022 Call makes 100,000 euros available for the co-financing of projects presented by subjects carrying out social activities in the territory use of sport as an educational tool and prevention of social and psychophysical distress, development and social inclusion, recovery and socialization, integration of groups at risk of marginalization. The media access mechanism is simple as it will suffice ccorrectly complete the form on the Publiacqua website and, for all subjects that fall within the requirements of the announcement, a maximum co-funding by Publiacqua of €10,000 per project / applicant will be paid (a subject can be a partner of several initiatives, but only once applicant). The Call is open to amateur sports associations and clubs (ASD/SSD), sports federations, sports clubs. Applicants must have their registered office in one of the 46 municipalities where Publiacqua operates. Proposed projects must be launched by 2022and in any case after the award of the grant, e concluded by June 2023.

The call for culture amounts to a total of 150,000 euros and is aimed at all these subjects (non-profit associations based in the Publicacqua territory) which will produce events aimed at promoting the cultural, landscape and historical heritage of the our territory. Co-funding is foreseen for all those who meet the requirements of the call, which can reach a maximum of €20,000 and cover up to 30% of the total project cost. The 2022 Culture Call is aimed at all subjects that will produce events aimed at promoting the cultural, landscape and historical heritage of our territory through interventions aimed at developing their knowledge and use. the link with the territory in which Publicacqua operates must result from the project and must be specific. The activities must be launched by 2022 and in any case after the award of the grant. Projects must be completed by 2022.

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