the 6 exercises to practice

Eccentric training is ideal for strengthening the leg muscles: here are the 6 exercises to practice.

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To succeed in strengthen leg muscles a very efficient method is represented byeccentric training. To be able to perform this activity correctly and to make it effective, you must pay the utmost attention to each phase and movement of the exercise you are doing. This type of training is extremely effective because it allows you to quickly improve your strength by working mainly on the flexibility of the muscles. In the squatting position, for example, there are three specific phases: eccentric during the descent by stretching the quadriceps, isometric or transitional when stationary, and finally concentric or lifting when standing.

6 exercises for eccentric leg training

eccentric leg exercises
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Between benefits of eccentric training for legs for example, there is less time spent training, not to mention stressing tissue invigoration, increased leg flexibility, and greater joint stability and strength. A first exercise to practice is this: squat with one legwhich serves to train the knee joint and in which you support yourself with one leg resting on the ground, bending the other backwards.

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The second exercise is thedo more squats, in which the squat is added to the alternation of one leg back and one forward with the knee placed on the ground. The third exercise is hamstring curls with elastic, in which, while lying on the floor, you insert your feet into the rubber band: from there you have to lift one leg until the rubber band begins to pull the foot, which forces you to to lower. Is the fourth exercise deadliftin which you have to lift a weight that is approximately 70% of your body weight and then lift the bar with your legs resting on the floor by leaning forward and bringing one leg back.

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The fifth exercise is that ofhip adduction, in which, lying down, you need to press your legs against the wall and slowly open them without bending your knees, then return to the starting position, bending your knees to your chest. The sixth and last useful exercise is ultimately represented by the so-called stir the potin which you need the help of a fitball: in a lying position and with your legs apart, you must rest your forearms on the ball and make a circular movement with your arms almost as if you were stirring a saucepan, in being careful to keep your legs fixed to the ground throughout the exercise.

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