The best exercises to do on the beach

The arrival of summer pushes more and more towards outdoor activities. Exercise is no exception, as are those over 60 who want to keep in shape, so much so that the habit of exercising is becoming more and more widespread. exercises on the beach. Complete workouts, circuits, sessions of a few minutes, there is potentially something for everyone.

who loves the aptitude and wants to continue training even in the summer, he might find the exercises on the beach very interesting. However, it should be noted that these are not always optimal conditions for physical activity, so it is good to take this into account and follow some general rules.

General rules

As is the case when working out at the gym, at home, or in a public park, even for exercises on the beach, you need to keep your physical condition in mind. It can be considered the main among the General rulessince he advises to adapt the intensity of the effort to what is really acceptable by your body.

keep one good hydration it is essential to remember to drink at least half a liter of water every hour of exercise. During the summer training period, it will be essential to consume large portions of seasonal fruits and vegetables, which are very useful to combat the heat and the feeling of physical fatigue.

Avoid them hottest hours of the day, which are also those where the risk of sunburn is greatest. Prefer early morning or late afternoon, close to sunset. Do each exercise for no more than 30 consecutive seconds and take 30 seconds or even a minute between each activity. The possibility of training immediately after the main meals is also to be ruled out, since the body commits many of its recurrences in the digestive phase.

We also recall that the workouts on the beach they are not necessarily reserved for the summer, but which represent an alternative, for example, also in spring or autumn. The important thing is to take advantage of the good weather conditions and respect your level of condition.

Exercises on the beach, the best after 60

Now we come to what are the main exercises that can be performed on the beach. One of the first that comes to mind is undoubtedly here race, which practiced at sea takes on different effort characteristics depending on whether it is performed on dry sand or on the shore. Running barefoot on the beach results in more foot and ankle work, as well as a harder gait in general. It is not recommended for beginners, as untrained tendons and ligaments may be more at risk of injury.

Also interesting are the burpees, for which it is important to take into account that the landing will be softened by soft sand. However, the same condition will result in greater difficulty getting off the ground for the jump.

Another exercise intensified by the consistency of sand is running in place. Also not to be neglected jump squat, for which the effort required for jumping will increase compared to running on hard surfaces. In addition, there are other elements of a possible training circuit, with a recommended duration not exceeding 15 minutes, such as:

  • Jumping-Jack;
  • slits alternate legs;
  • plank;
  • back kick.

For those who want a less demanding activity, but nevertheless useful for keeping in shape and improving their psycho-physical balance, they can opt for example for the Yoga or for Tai Chi Chuan.

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