the best to practice in the spring (and how to dress)

With the arrival of summer and the approach of the costume test, the desire to return train and get fit. Physical activity is important for body health and mental well-being; Releasing tension and disconnecting from the stressful routine of work is undoubtedly essential. However, not everyone enjoys physical activity in the gym. There are those who prefer to train outside to get some fresh air after a day at home or in the office.

“Being physically active is essential for the heart, mind and body, at any age and with all abilities”, these are the “2020 Guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behavior” from the WHO. Practicing outdoor sports is certainly an excellent idea to keep in shape and contribute to mental and physical well-being on a daily basis.

Outdoor sports

Starting to practice outdoor sports again is certainly a great idea with the arrival of summer, but what are the activities to do?

  • The to walk it is certainly the most practiced outdoors. Supported or relaxed is a way to keep in shape, relax and get rid of anxieties and tensions accumulated during the day. If you want to increase the intensity of physical activity outdoors, you can opt for walking or running.
  • bodyweight exercisesalways in the equipped areas it is possible to perform exercises to keep in shape with small tools available.
  • The bicycle, equivalent to the exercise bike available at home or in the gym, but with the advantage of being on the street and outdoors, so on paths in the middle of nature or on cycle paths. It is certainly a valid alternative for practicing outdoor sports. But it can also be used as an alternative means of transport.
  • Escalationif you live in mountain areas or near walls available for training, climbing is an excellent option for practicing outdoor sports.
  • the skating, on the cycle paths or in the developed areas of the parks where there are small paved roads, it is possible to practice outdoor skating. A truly original and useful sport to stay in shape without getting bored.

Outdoor sports accessories

After choosing the sport to practice outdoors, it is also important to choose the best clothes and accessories. For this, the lifestyle editorial staff has come up with some useful tips.

Inevitable for outdoor and non-outdoor sportswear Tee-shirts short-sleeved to carry out the activity without problems.

Shoes are very important for walking or running. It is advisable to choose the best ones to avoid the problems of foot pronation and back fatigue.

Long or short pants according to tastes and needs. There are those who like to run in shorts and always prefer to have their legs covered, weather permitting.

For women, the top or bra is very important to avoid stretch marks or chest problems during exercise.

Finally, it is very important to always have one on you during outdoor physical activity. sweatshirt. Especially if you exercise early in the morning or in the evening.

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