the best way to train is with a friend

To find no excuse: a healthy lifestyle, as well as the correct diet, requires constant physical exercise. Staying active has important positive effects on the body and the mind, but sociability is also an aspect that should not be neglected. However, the daily routine, busy schedules and restrictions of the pandemic very often make us forget about fitness goals. To avoid succumbing and letting laziness, bad temper and apathy prevail, the solution is to train with a friend or partner. When you share goals, you’re less likely to give up, and the daily walk or gym membership becomes a healthy habit and wellness ritual.

To achieve the objectives: training should not only be a duty, but above all a pleasure. Sharing a physical activity is a way to expose yourself, also to show your weaknesses and limits, but it can also become a way to enjoy small things and have fun together. A good way to always feel motivated, in addition of course to setting achievable goals, is to study a rewards plan, capable of giving motivation, especially if they are attractive. Any clever suggestions? For every pound lost, you can treat yourself to a gourmet pizza, or a massage at the spa and, if the figure is starting to show, a new swimsuit to show the results.

To vary the exercises: we are all different, we have different needs and different backgrounds. When we decide to share the training, we must take into account that our approach will not necessarily be the same, neither in terms of resistance, nor in terms of results, nor in terms of exercises and activity to be done. Assembling ideas and proposals, often varying the activity is the best we can do to maintain high motivation. Training with a friend means planning a shared program that takes into account the proposals of both so that training is always varied and new. Exercising is a fun, purposeful activity capable of yielding benefits and so we must commit to doing it consistently.

To keep commitments: If, due to fatigue or too many things to do, motivation begins to drop and you can no longer follow the schedule, the solution is to ask a friend for help in time so as not to raise the white flag. When we feel like quitting smoking is the next step, and before it’s too late, a phone call or a chat with our training partner is the best weapon at our disposal. We avoid the sofa becoming enchanted and the TV hypnotizing us: we put on our sneakers and go out, the more we do. Friends are really precious, the costume test will pass with flying colors.

To always improve: we are not all the same, okay. That is why we cannot at all exclude that our partner is better and fitter than us. In this case, or in the opposite case where we are the most trained, we must hold hands and avoid that one or the other drags behind. Feeling a little discomfort during training is normal, but absolutely nothing to be ashamed of or feeling inadequate or – worse – ridiculous. When one of the two does not succeed, fails or simply thinks that he is not capable of it, he must be motivated: frankness, honesty and affection can work miracles. Giving up is not a solution: nothing is easy, but when we see the results, we can only be proud of ourselves and share the joy with our adventure (and training!) partner.

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