The “circuit” training at the GymFirst gym in Civitanova is very easy and takes place seated

CIVITANOVA – Circuit training? It improves the ability to produce and tolerate lactic acid in the muscles but also builds endurance, strength and aids in weight loss. In a word, definitely healthy. It is a training technique born in England in 1957 and then disseminated throughout the world; it has many sports applications and is used in general sports training in all disciplines that involve intense effort.

The traditional circuit is simple: it is a training course that includes several exercise stations, each one is done at repetitions or speed or intensity or duration established according to the objectives to be achieved. The circuit must be repeated as many times as necessary to obtain certain results. Note: this training does not include breaks between one position and another, allowing the stimulation of all the muscles involved. In short, he pulls to the end to gain the upper hand. There are different types of tours. The one, for example, offered by the GymFirst gym in Civitanova Marche, is really special. “Ours is really very easy and safe, that is, it is carried out seated – explains the owner Andrea Maiolino -; in this way, all the muscle groups are solicited, the antagonistic muscles work and there is also an aerobic toning by increasing the speed in the execution of the exercises”.
The GymFirst circuit is made up of nine machines within a 1,300 square meter facility including 550 pieces of equipment and 30 cardio stations. Soft, linear but very effective, as assured by the coach. “You guarantee resistance and speed – explains Maiolino – and in doing so you achieve such a rhythm without breaks and with recovery at the end of the use of the 9 tools. This work guarantees a good tonicity but also an aerobic activity to burn the sugars contained in the blood and to pursue a more advanced cardiovascular work on classic tools such as treadmills, exercise bikes, step, waves, thus triggering a process of lipolysis necessary for weight loss”. In short, an excellent remedy to fight against excess kilos but also to stay healthy. It is an activity suitable for everyone: teenagers, adults, seniors and beginners. “It is a circuit that all our less experienced customers go through during the first 34 weeks”, warns the owner. The tools used for this type of training are very particular.
Antagonist muscles
“All these machines stand out for the type of work they do – explains the coach – it is a training that is based on the work of the antagonistic muscles, for example, one of these tools works the adductors and abductors at the same time, another machine works the abdominals and lower back, yet another works the shoulders and the back, another the biceps and the triceps”. The duration “is linked to the level and varies according to the repetitions, the speed of the repetitions and the number of rounds performed. It is a work that must be done gradually, starting from 4 rounds of 12 repetitions to arrive at 4 or 5 rounds, increasing the speed of execution up to 20 repetitions with one minute recovery between one lap and the next”.



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