The ‘Citadel of Sport’ does not like the Cep neighborhood committee

The neighborhood committee of the CEP met last Saturday, March 26, to discuss the problems of the neighborhood. Among the aspects of viability and the files still in progress, such as the positioning of the telephone antenna to be moved, the gymnasium project presented to the first committee of the council on March 10, the ‘Citadelle du Sport’ complex was discussed . The opinion delivered by the Committee is not favourable.

“The area in question – write the inhabitants in a note on the assembly – is also the subject of projects to expand the supply of sports facilities according to the municipal planning regulations in force, an expansion that will it is carried out in an oversized way compared to the strict needs of the risks of neighborhood weighing on the circulation and the use of the ground for the parking of the cars. of an entrepreneur, of a system for the practice of Padel which will probably already increase the volumes of traffic on the site. It is also for this reason that the project of a sports “building” presented to the First Committee on March 10 by the councilor Latrofa and by the architect Guerrazzi sees the our opposition”.

Explanations: “With a structure of this kind, it would add another disproportionate pouring of concrete, which contrasts with the naturalistic vocation of a pre-park area near the river and the estate of San Rossore. A project that goes abundantly and unjustifiably beyond the sacrosanct need to recover the gymnasiums (boxing and gymnastics) that were present in the old sports center in via dell’Argine, the famous and regretted ‘campini’, to which the administration rightly tried to participate in ‘Sport e Periferie’, unfortunately without success. This intervention would also require an expenditure of public money which, if necessary, could be used for other needs”.

“We are in favor of green sports – they conclude – as long as they are ecologically sustainable, truly accessible to all and therefore with wide beaches of free access for citizens. On the other hand, we are firmly opposed to the excess of ‘sporty concrete’. The positive note, which emerged from the aforementioned commission, is that, with regard to the area in question, in any case the administration has made a commitment to interact with the neighborhood and with its associations at the instead of leaving lofty and concrete projects. We take them at their word. »

There is also a passage on the telephone antenna: “On this delicate file we recognize that the Mayor’s promises are far from being kept, on the other hand we will see each other again and, in the meantime, we inform you that we have made a request formal as a Committee to the competent municipal commission to be audited again and ask for explanations starting, for example, with the lack of measurements on emissions and electromagnetic fields even in combination with other repeaters nearby, starting with that of the church tower. Some movements have been noticed these days: no better identified person would have requested access to the construction site of said Padel building to launch a strange balloon with devices (receivers?) attached. Perhaps functional to measurements for a possible movement of the antenna? We would like to be informed eventually.”


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