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Among the 19 Group B opponents, Olbia is one of the most recurring in Pontedera’s history. With the landing tomorrow, there are six consecutive championships in which the Sardinians are faced with grenades, with a number of direct confrontations which will increase to 38. The general assessment speaks in favor of Pontedera, which since November 23, 1947, the day of the first match, to date, was able to garner 15 wins against 11 (as draws) of the opponents. And it should also be noted that the terrain factor greatly influenced the different end results. Just as the granata have only managed to win three times at Nespoli in 19 trips (the last time last year: 0-1 with a goal from Catanese in the first of the championship), Olbia only conquered the Pontederese stadium on one occasion. .18, an event that occurred during the 1986-87 Serie C2 season. Then there were 3 draws and 12 wins for Pontedera, the last four of which were consecutive. To date, Canzi’s away side have snatched 16 points in 17 games this season, the same score as Pontedera although the path to getting it has been slightly different after the games. Indeed, the Sardinians have lost seven times, the Maraia team nine: in Ancona (2-1), in Lucca (2-1), in Reggio Emilia (2-0), in Pescara (1-0), in Siena (3-2), Pesaro (1-0) and Cesena (3-0), but only this last defeat is in the second round and dates back to January 30.

After halfway in fact, Olbia, who in the standings have three points less than Pontedera, away from friendly walls, has always scored points in the other six races, drawing in order at Pistoia (1-1) , Viterbo (0-0), Gubbio (1-1), Imola (1-1) and Carrara (1-1), and placing in the middle the pearl of victory in Modena (1-2), one of the three outside conquered after those of Pontedera, Montevarchi side (0-2), and Grosseto (0-1) of the first round. The two draws in Chiavari (3-3) and Teramo (2-2) obtained in the first part of the championship complete the table of performances away from home. Tactically, the Sardinians are voted in 3-4-1-2, an attitude adopted for the first time during the first leg against Pontedera (16th day), won 2-0 after a balanced and emotionless challenge which seemed destined for 0-0. , a result that had held until the ninetieth. In the first fortnight, however, the form was 4-3-1-2. The team’s bomber is former King Udoh (he wore the Granada shirt aged just nineteen in the 2016-17 season when his card was still Juventus) with 11 goals. Meanwhile, Pontedera announced yesterday that it has reached an important sponsorship agreement with the Bi.Emme group from Livorno, which, starting from tomorrow’s game and until the end of the 2022-23 sports season, will link its name to that of the pomegranate club. In addition to appearing on the jersey (this only from the next championship), the brand will also be immediately present on the various communication media and advertising promotions such as LEDs, decorations, light effects and advertising spots. .

Stefano Lemmi

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