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CORREGGESE: Mora, Davighi, Cavallari, Rome, Gozzi (21′ st Olivera), Pupeschi, Bassoli (21′ st Manuzzi), Galli (11′ st Ba), Damiano (32′ st Calì), Ricco (11′ st Simoncelli ), Strong. Available: Lugli, Alfieri, De Santis, Carpio. Coach: Gabriele Graziani.

GHIVIBORGO: Nucci, Mosti, Baggiani, Monacizzo, Sorbo, Fazzi, Bachini, Belluomini (26′ st Riccioni), Tragni (15′ st Sadek), Nottoli (43′ st Campani), Sall (49′ st Passarello). Available: Tremoli, Velani, Molinaro, Giulianelli. Trainer: Walter Vangioni.

Referee: Michele Maccorin from Pordenone (Della Mea and Bignucolo).

Notes: savvy: Galli, Roma, Mosti, Sorbo. Corners 4 to 4, recovery 1’+5′.

She does not manage to break through the wall of Ghiviborgo, a lower-ranking formation attached to non-relegation, a Correggese who has always had the ball in hand, but without being able to create great dangers in the opposing penalty area.

And so the result of 0 to 0 is the obvious consequence.

The intentions of both teams are clear from the first minutes, with the hosts leading the game and Ghiviborgo remaining closed in his own half, trying to block the home side’s initiatives.

Correggese immediately tried to start strong and the reds and whites protested for contact in the penalty area between Riccò and an opposing defender while the striker was shooting at the net, but for the referee everything was normal.

Correggese misses in the last thirty meters of the field and therefore the dangerous actions all come from personal initiatives, first with Forte who enters the box from the left after passing two opponents, but his cross shot is repelled by the defense and , just before the interval, with Damiano. In the second half the scenario of the game does not change and also in this fraction the only notable actions are from Correggese, first with Forte whose shot is saved by Nucci, then with Calì and Davighi whose initiatives are nipped in the bud by the guests.

“I congratulate mine because it was not easy – said Mr. Graziani at the end of the match – we had the Milan match in our legs, with the first leg we faced a difficult opponent who we knew was was very dangerous on recovery”.

Too few opportunities to bring him home? “We knew it would be a tough game because they are a team that have a lot of density in their half of the field without giving you space and then they are very good at restarting quickly using the speed of their attackers.

And we are at the Sunday derby with Carpi? “For me it’s a match like any other – concludes Graziani – although I know that someone can care about it in a particular way. For what our path is, I was more interested in the one here with Ghiviborgo”.

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