the expert explains how to hydrate during exercise

When, how to hydrate and how much. The word to the expert, the nutritionist biologist, Dr. Elena Cocchiara

Irene Righetti


Hydration and sports, the importance of knowing how to hydrate properly, especially for those who practice a sport. Because the lack of liquids has negative effects on performance and cognitive abilities, as explained by our expert, the nutritionist biologist, doctor Elena Cocchiara“Water is essential for maintaining health; we think water makes up about 70% of our body weight. Very important because it helps us regulate temperature, maintain good blood pressure, and is a means of transport between the different tissues of the body.”

“To stay healthy – continues Dr. Cocchiara – you have to have good hydration. And therefore avoid falling into a state of dehydration which would have negative effects on performance as well”.

Doctor, how much water should you drink to stay healthy?

“The amount of water depends on various factors, the type of sport practiced and the intensity of physical activity. But also of the environment in which we find ourselves practicing a particular sport, and of the temperature. Last but not least, of the general state of health in which we find ourselves. We can therefore say that, when practicing a physical activity, it is vital for the athlete to maintain good hydration. And that’s because by consuming energy you increase the heat which leads to an increase in body temperature, and therefore you sweat and the water disperses”.

When would it be good to hydrate for example if you practice running?

“During physical exercise there is a loss of water, it must be taken into account, for this reason it is a good rule to drink before physical activity, at least 30 minutes before, then during physical activity in small sips, the ideal would be every 15 minutes, and at the end of the effort to restore the body’s water reserves”.

What water should I drink?

“The water to be preferred is natural water, it is better to choose that at room temperature, because the cold could have dangerous effects on the digestive system and create congestion. No need to be thirsty, you can drink anticipating thirst. To advise 2 liters of water, but as I said, the quantity should be customized for each person. As an indication, 2 liters are the starting point, and in case of intense activity it should be increased. Keep in mind that during physical activity you need to drink a little less than what you need to drink before and after training”.

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