The Falco Institute celebrates World Health Day

On the occasion of World Health Day, the Agriculture, Agro-industry, Agri-food address of IT “GCFalco” in Capua, associated headquarters of Grazzanise, hosted the event “Sow your well-being. The tomato, good for you and for research”. The meeting, in collaboration with ALIDA – Italian Legal Association for Agrifood Law, was held in the Aula Magna of the “F. Gravante” of Grazzanise. director of IT “Falco” Angelina Lanna, the mayor of Grazzanise Enrico Petrella, the director of IC “Gravante” Roberta Di Iorio, the president of the association ALIDA Monica Salvatore, the referent of the “Umberto Veronesi Foundation” Elena Iovine as well as an agricultural producer expert in the cultivation of tomatoes from Villa Literno Adriana Di Tella, responsible for the plexus, moderated the meeting.

The meeting aimed to highlight, among other things, the importance and the need to value local products of the land and all the work that remains to be done to achieve significant results. The opportunity was also favorable to analyze the benefits of red gold on health thanks to the properties of lycopene, a plant nutrient contained in tomatoes. At the end of the conference, a representation of the students with the lecturers, the officials and the mayor moved to the laboratory of the institute, to experiment, for the first time, the planting of tomatoes, very well guided by the expert Giuseppe Guaglione who accompanied the “practicing farmers” at all stages of sowing. A very interesting and constructive but also fun experience, not only for the students but for all participants.

“A good time, and for that I thank the school principals Lanna and Di Iorio as well as all the speakers for wanting to highlight the importance of tomatoes in human nutrition. The high quality of the training offered by the Falco Institute will certainly be able to provide young people with all the necessary tools to be competitive in the face of future needs related to the agricultural sector”. Thus the mayor Enrico Petrella. “The Agricultural Institute is ideal for those who want to work outdoors, are interested in nature, the environment, ecology and wish to train in the agricultural, agro-food and agro-industrial sectors. Participating in the Agricultural Institute means acquiring the skills needed to protect and enhance the environment, in the production and marketing of plant or animal products. I have no doubt that the “Falco” Institute, thanks to the excellent work of the Lanna manager, the teaching staff and the technicians will be the forge of a new generation of enlightened agricultural entrepreneurs”, concludes the tricolor band.


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