“The flame that unites”, all the sport of Reggio embraces the Ukrainian people: “You are not alone”

Reggio Calabria, through sport, shows the benevolent face of solidarity in favor of the Ukrainian people. This afternoon, the event ‘The flame that unites’, a relay of solidarity starting from Piazza Italia and which saw the streets of the city center as protagonists to testify to the proximity of the city to the populations affected by the war.

At 4 p.m., the meeting in Piazza Italia, with the athletes and federations that took part in the event. “Sport could not remain silent in relation to what was happening. Everyone wanted to participate in the event to represent dissent against all wars,” said Marina Lanucara, provincial delegate of Coni.

Many Ukrainian citizens, young and old, were present to thank Reggio Calabria for its support and solidarity. Among these, Irina, on the front line for a month to support her people.

“A huge thank you to Reggio and Calabria for this event. SWe also work for incoming refugees, helping them with food and other basic necessities.

To date, more than 30 tons have already been sent to Ukraine. We are in contact with our relatives in Ukraine, we are praying for them. We are available 7 days a week at the collection center installed in the Sala Versace del Cedir”, the words of Irina.

Unfortunately, during the demonstration, unknown persons broke into the Cedir collection center and looted boxes and bags of material ready to be sent to Ukraine.

The event ‘The flame that unites’ also saw the presence of Virtus Reggio, historic sports club of Reggio in recent years awarded several times at national level. “Today’s event is very significant. We must all show our solidarity with a people who are suffering unjustly. We remember that there are many innocent deaths, children who lose their lives and it is a pain that makes everyone’s conscience tremble”, the thought of Rina Albanese, director of Virtus Reggio.

Metropolitan City and Municipality of Reggio alongside Coni for solidarity with the Ukrainian people, also present in Piazza Italia Acting Mayor Paolo Brunetti.

“We are here to support the event, the sport and the solidarity together in favor of Ukraine. It seemed fair and just to participate, it’s nice to see the participation of all sports federations.

Today – emphasizes Brunetti – is a moment of reflection on what is happening in Ukraine, struggling with the tragedy of war. I remember that for about three weeks the collection center at Cedir was set up”.

Mimmo Praticoformer president of Reggina and historical executive of Cuneo, he is now honorary president of Cuneo.

“Today’s meeting is significant, it underlines that sport demonstrates its sensitivity and attention to social issues. It is dramatic what is happening in Ukraine, bombs, destruction and children who lose their lives in the name of a stupid war.

I hope – the hope of Praticò – that today’s demonstration will be a small sign. I offered to collect 10 euros for each athlete and responsible for the federations of Reggio, around 10,000 euros would be collected to be sent to Ukraine”.

Fabio Collella, National Councilor of the Italian Sailing Federation, assures the support of the whole movement towards the Ukrainian people. “We responded immediately, this demonstration is intended to be a moment to reiterate a strong no to war. Sport must unite all peoples, we are here to testify. We want to be proactive and reach out to the Ukrainian people, our circles are open to all citizens of these places. We are doing everything we can to make our small contribution”, concludes Colella.

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