The guarantors of food: “The world needs us”

CREMONA – “Dealing with the emergency we are experiencing means making credible and realistic contributions to the word sustainabilitywhether social, economic or environmental. Next, we must fight against rhetoric, anchoring ourselves firmly to facts and science; not to the ideological visions that we often see overturned in the space of a few days if they are put to the test with emergencies not previously imagined”. This is the clear and strong message of Ricardo Crottipresident of Confagricoltura Lombardia and the Free Cremonese Farmers Association: he relaunched it by speaking this morning at the round table ‘Intensive agriculture and sustainability: between truth and fake news’, held at the Santa Monica campus of Catholic University. An event of high technical level, organized by Confagricoltura Lombardia in collaboration with Cattolica and the Polytechnic School also thanks to sponsorship of Ferraroni Mangimi. An operation-truth signed by academics Lorenzo Morelli (Catholic), Francesca Malpei (Polytechnic) e Giuseppe Pulina (president of the Sustainable Meat Project and holder of the special zootechnics chair at the University of Sassari), in front of a large audience of professionals and representatives of the institutional and associative world. Among them, the regional councilor for agriculture Fabio Rolfithe president of Confagricoltura Massimiliano Giansanti and the vice president Matteo Lasagna.

“We really wanted to face a theme that is becoming central to the survival of a sector of our country’s economy, that of intensive agriculture, which deserves attention and consideration: not only for the figures it generates in terms of production and employment, but also for consumers – Crotti stressed -. I think it’s clear to everyone that the planet is facing the most serious food emergency of the century. We are facing three wars: the one not yet won with the Covid, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine (Crotti asked for a minute of silence in memory of the victims of the military confrontation, editor’s note) and the “war” – truly quarterless and planetary – for the food supply. The world needs food, so it needs us. This is why what we are illustrating here is not a corporate defense, but rather, once again, the claim of the right to best accomplish our mission. Clarify things, tell it like it is and open a more fruitful dialogue with consumers; under the sign of a truth too often distorted by a media and above all social narrative far from reality. We guarantee food that is not as obvious as you might think; and we do it with, not against the environment”.

Moderated by the journalist Sebastiano Barisoni of Radio 24, the meeting in Santa Monica was greeted with words of appreciation by the mayor Gianluca Galimberti and by the vice-president of the provincial administration, Giovanni Gagliardi. Among other things, Regional Councilor Rolfi claimed the positive value of the production model typical of Lombard zootechnics: “It was your Ernesto Cervi Ciboldi to explain how close the relationship between intensive agriculture and soil fertility is”. Noting also “the volatility of the opinion of those who criticize agricultural production only as long as the shelves are full and the tables are set thanks to imports; to radically change their minds at the first signs of a crisis”.

In his conclusions, the president of the Confagricoltura Massimiliano Giansanti he repeated that “today the great global challenge is to guarantee quality, safe and reasonably priced food for all. A goal that cannot be achieved by penalizing agriculture, mortifying science and renouncing a courageous, realistic and long-term national and European vision”. This vision that Confagricoltura has always promoted: “Often alone and for unsuspecting times. And that many are now rediscovering, driven by the urgency of the accounts that history sooner or later demands of everyone. Many difficulties today – in terms of production, supply and more – are the result of too many political mistakes of the past,” concluded the national head of the Palazzo della Valle organization. “We cannot run the risk of them reproducing.”


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