“The health we would like in Desenzano”, sold out for the Action evening

Desenzano. It took place last night at Rivoltella in Villa Brunati the event titled “Desenzano Health Project. The health care we would like” organized by “Desenzano Future Project”, “Stefano for Desenzano” And “Desenzano in action”, which saw excellent attendance registering the maximum capacity allowed by the room. The evening was an opportunity to highlight the shortcomings of the national health system and the difficulties of doctors and municipalities to make their voices heard, paying particular attention to what the Desenzano administration can do for the health of its citizens. .

The Regional Action Advisor, Niccolo Carretta, recalled the 100 proposals presented in the region and the motion finally approved in January on basic psychology. A first step for 360 degree health protection, not only physical but also psychological. The question should not be how best to treat citizens but how to prevent them from getting sick. Carretta points out how the overuse of first aid is a further sign of a system that no longer works, of a sector that is experiencing a structural shortage of health workers, economically demotivated from the outset (just think that trainees take 1000 € more compared to general practitioners). There is no longer a national program that modulates budgets according to new needs, on the contrary the structure has been in plaster for years and continues to provide the same contributions to the same hospitals. With Monique LippaFinally, Carretta, operational manager and health spokesperson of Lombardia in Action, highlighted how essential it is now to encourage telemedicine and health 4.0, also working on a new national contractual agreement with merit-based incentives. Without forgetting that we must promote the sharing of agendas between the public and private sectors to shorten waiting lists.

Ruben Toninellirepresentative of Desenzano in Action and candidate for the city council, underlined how the current administration is particularly lacking in health protection policies: “Think of the no-vax blows of the majority, the new tampon center set up out of time and to complete a new hospital that appears overnight without anyone from the administration knowing anything about it. Desenzano deserves better local health management and Desenzano in Action believes that Stefano Terzi is the right person” .

For the Dr Coralie Destrijckergeneral practitioner of “Médecins ensemble” and candidate municipal councilor, these are three aspects that will be continued on the list: the promotion of a culture of health understood as the overall psychophysical well-being of the individual, the enhancement of the socio -health and social realities already present in the municipality, nerve center and point of reference for the entire Lower Garda region, and the creation of a network, not only among health professionals from the different backgrounds present in the municipality, but also among the citizens themselves.

Doctor Pierangelo Aprile Lora, family doctor and scientific secretary of the “Italian Society of General Medicine and Primary Care”, underlined how the elements of the health system should be interconnected (to arrive at a single interregional and European health record), while the local medicine is now disconnected from hospital and residential facilities. The DRG logic also provides for an assessment of hospitalizations by favoring economic aspects, placing people’s health in the background.
Regarding technical/administrative support, Dr Lora gives the example of England where the proportion is 3.5 resources per doctor. A very distant goal today for our doctors forced to fulfill too many roles at the same time. “It is no longer possible to wait for events to act, we must prevent the disease, the demographic curve of ages goes up too much, in fact there are today 700,000 people aged over 90 and in ten years there will be many more and more manageable. There are also more people who are alone and trying to heal themselves. Doctors should map the territory and diseases to pay more attention to vulnerable people. Thinking of Desenzano, just think that out of 30,000 citizens, there are 400 people in fragile health conditions who need more care,” concludes Lora.

The evening ended with the intervention of the candidate for mayor Stefano Terzi, who recalled how important it is “to think about the health of the citizen starting from the care of the environment, the care of the city and its activities. Prevention begins in everyday life, so the Administration must guarantee a healthy environment that allows for healthy citizens. Health and assistance that places the citizen at the center to build around a network of prevention and assistance that guarantees health and the satisfaction of needs. The Administration must have the courage of its actions, without being ashamed or hesitating to say that vaccines are good, knowing what is happening on its territory. If there is a need for a new hospital, it should be done to improve the existing situation, not for mere speculation and to diminish the services rendered to the population and to the whole Garda. Desenzano must be a protagonist in Garda healthcare”.

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