The horror of war also strikes animals: many without water or food

The horror of the war in Ukraine also hits animals: the lucky ones have been locked in porters or wrapped in makeshift blankets and taken from their fleeing masters. But for many others, fate will be cruel: many are abandoned, without water or food. And many are those who, having spent their lives in cages, will now be slaughtered because their zoos have been bombed.

In the Kharkiv eco-park, destroyed by Russian attacks, tigers, lions and bears will be killed, because there is no way to transport them, had to announce the founder of the Ecopark, Alexander Feldman , in a video message, quoted by Ukrainska Pravda. “The Ecopark is no more. Today a decision is made, we have one hour until evening, either to kill everyone, put them to sleep, or think about transportation. But there is nowhere to send them.

In the Chernihiv region in northern Ukraine, on the other hand, there were real massacres of dogs and cows. Meanwhile – as reported on Telegram Tetiana Didenko, director of the Chernihiv veterinary center – since the beginning of the war, 26 animals have died of heart attacks caused by explosions and one died of rocket shrapnel. Didenko reveals that he took care of 250 animals, without electricity, heating and connection, and with minimal amounts of water and food. During the Russian occupation in the territories around kyiv, the Yasnohorodka children’s zoo on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital was also bombed. In the biopark, while some animals starved to death and others were attacked by stray dogs, some, as reported by the Daily Star, appear to have been used as “training targets” by Russian troops. Some ostriches even seem to have been decapitated for fun.

Akim Akimenko, owner of Yasnohorodka Eco Park, told local broadcaster MyKiev: “Our zoo is almost completely destroyed. We have a lot of trouble feeding and keeping the animals. We are trying to evacuate them and ask for help to organize an evacuation corridor”.

Meanwhile, as Ukrinform reports, a rescue mission was organized in an ecopark just outside kyiv. Volunteers managed to evacuate llamas, several alpacas, rare pink pelicans, camels, buffaloes, Scottish cows, donkeys and ponies. Finally, the International Fund for Animal Welfare also reveals the other emergency: that of undernourished animals waiting for trains to get to safety with their owners. “When we arrived at Przemysl station – on the border between Poland and Ukraine – we saw that the vets were completely exhausted,” the organization reported, adding: “Every day the team s takes care of 200 cats and dogs arriving by train in Poland”. Before the war, the pet food company Kormotech estimated that 8 million domestic dogs and cats lived in Ukraine.

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