the information brochure of the Ministry of Health

An information brochure which aims to illustrate in a simple and schematic way the rabies prevention and control measures for pets from Ukraine. The brochure was produced by Ministry of Health italian with National Anger Reference Center from the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Veneto.

The objective is to prevent the return of anger in Italy. Italy has been declared free from domestic anger in the 1970s, but epidemics of sylvan angeri.e. transmitted by wild animals, reappeared in 2008 following theepidemic that affected several countries in Eastern Europe. Ukraine is one of them, in fact there are still outbreaks of rabies even in pets.

For this, despite the green light for the entry of pets from Ukraine, the ministry has set up a precise procedure to be implemented both at the borders of countries directly bordering Ukraine: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, where the animals must be reported with an e-mail address containing the species and the number of animals, the name of the person they are traveling with and the destination address in Italy.

ukrainian war animals
on the picture: The brochure was produced by the Ministry of Salt with the National Rabies Reference Center of the IZSVe

In addition to this, there is a second phase of checks to be carried out upon arrival in Italy. The procedure changes significantly depending on the region: Lombardy has set up veterinary assistance points throughout the territory, while in Campania it has been decided to centralize the reception of animals at the center of the Mostra d’Oltremare , where a large number of part of the refugees, humans and animals. Kodami went there to tell their stories.

Once you arrive at these reception points, the approach is diversified:

  • Those who have the microchip and the rabies vaccination certificate they are subjected to antibody titration in order to verify the effective immunity of the animal. In the event of a positive titration result, an observation period of three months is carried out; in the event of a negative result, it can last up to six months.
  • For those who do not have a microchip and a rabies vaccination certificate, both are compulsory. At the end of the procedure, the animal must always wait for an observation period of at least three months.
ukrainian war animals
on the picture: Distinction between those who have microchips and vaccines and those who do not

In addition to this, the ministry prescribes two different protocols for dogs and cats. During the observation period, dogs can leave the house but still on a leash and with a muzzle, while cats must stay at home until the end of the observation period prescribed by ASL. A choice similar to that taken by Switzerland, where the quarantine obligation for animals from Ukraine has been removed.

dog travel ukraine italy
on the picture: Different recommendations for cats and dogs

Finally, the ministry reaffirmed that, pending new indications from the European Commission, the introduction into the national territory of stray dogs and cats or guests of shelters in Ukraine is currently prohibited. A choice that sparked a great debate and which led to the mobilization of ordinary citizens and national associations.

The application of this double standardwhich allows access to Italy to dogs and cats without vaccination if they are accompanied by humans, and on the contrary prevents those who, although vaccinated, are the hosts of shelters, seems to be the result of a cultural biasmore than a health prophylaxis.

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