The Internet Falls In Love With A Little Girl’s Adorable Food Spell: “Apujoos”

A little girl’s elaborate menu has gone viral online for its adorable spelling, with the clip viewed over 23 million times.

The video was shared on TikTok by @Soccergirlxoxo123 and reveals the young woman proudly showing off her creation.

“It’s a menu,” he declares, as SoccerGirlXoxo123 films the piece of paper, colored with green and pink pens.

The adult looks a little worried at first, before saying, “Oh, I got it.” On the front is the spelling “menyoow”, for “menu”.


It’s apple juice to me

♬ original sound – SoccerGirlXoxo123

He turns it to cycle through the options as he narrates the script, saying, “We have ‘menyoow,'” he says, struggling to pronounce the next word, spelled “cande.”

The little girl cheerfully translates, confirming “bonbon”, and while pointing to the next word, written “apujoos” with an inverted “s”, the performer helps again by saying “apple juice”.

In the background, SoccerGirlXoxo123 can be heard laughing to herself as she says “oh my god”. Continuing to read the list, he says, “We have ‘wodar'”, while the boy says “yes, water”.

“Joos” reappears, while hungry customers can also order “grap”, although the translation of this word seems lost.

I am a kindergarten teacher and I read it perfectly! She’s a smart girl with a great sense of phonemic awareness!”

Cortney day

The clip, which can be viewed here, was titled: “It’s Apple Juice For Me”.

While in the comments, he added, “Any restaurants interested in rewriting Gwen’s menus, please let us know.”

Many people found his handwriting adorable, as Caitlin Singh commented, “Absolutely lost in the apujoos.”

Kelz Wright said, “I just need some cande and joos, please.”

While Tinapa pointed out, “As a teacher, all I see is a child with INCREDIBLE phonemic awareness skills!! Plus, what a beautiful voice”.

Agree, Cortney Day wrote, “I’m a kindergarten teacher and I read it perfectly! She’s a smart girl with a great sense of phonemic awareness!”

Fob4 replied, “At least she plays her words.”

Christal Luster revealed, “My niece casts spells like this. Next level genius”.

Kat laughed, “Sir, can I have the menyoow please?”

R&T admitted, “I can’t figure it out until you clear it up.”

Lily joked, “But because her spelling makes sense.”

Although the girl’s age is unclear, the KidsHealth website sets various milestones that children should reach at what age.

By age three they should be able to recognize the first letter of their name, by age four they should be able to write their name and “develop syllable awareness, use familiar letters to try to spell words”.

And by age five, children should be able to read simple words on their own and understand them in context.

News week has contacted SoccerGirlXoxo123 for comment.

Girl drawing photo file. A woman has shared a hilarious clip of a little girl’s adorable spelling.
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