The Italian Canoeing Federation and the Italian Navy League together for the sport and culture of the sea

Sport and culture of the sea are the themes that underlie the Memorandum of Understanding that will be signed tomorrow, Thursday April 7 at 12:00 p.m. at the Naval League section of Ostia, by the President of the Italian Canoe Federation -kayak, Dr. Luciano Buonfiglio and by Admiral. Donato Marzano, president of the Italian Navy League. With the signing of the Protocol, the two Organizations intend to affirm the common will to develop synergies and relations of mutual aid for the promotion of initiatives and events aimed at disseminating and promoting the sport of canoeing and, in particular among young people, to promote their approach to the practice of amateur sport.

Through the protocol, FICK and the Italian Navy League thus sanction the common desire to make their experiences available in a broader system of sharing the nautical bases and technicians of each corps, strengthening the skills of each for the realization of projects. and initiatives to take. .in collaboration.

The agreement also confirms the will of the two organizations to collaborate for the realization of cultural and sporting activities, with the common intention of raising public awareness of the importance of sport and the protection of the marine environment.

“The signing of the protocol is an important moment for us”, says Admiral Marzano, “we are proud to support FICK in the promotion and development of paddle disciplines and to share a common vision and mission. I thank the President Buonfiglio and those who have worked on this protocol and I am sure that, thanks to the mutual collaboration sanctioned by the agreement that we are formalizing today but which has actually been going on for some time, the next initiatives with the Federation will be enriched new content and values ​​and above all new possibilities for the world of canoeing”.

“With this protocol, we are creating a link that we could define as natural between the Italian Navy League and the world of canoeing”, comments President Buonfiglio, “objectives and common values ​​that we share, made up of sport, protection of the environment and the sea. We are particularly pleased that, in a few months and thanks to the enthusiasm and attention of Admiral Donato Marzano, we have managed to carry out with this protocol, a project of collaboration between two realities which will bring great mutual satisfaction”.


Journalists wishing to document the event must be accredited, indicating name, first name, newspaper, to the following contacts, before 6:00 p.m. today:

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You must enable JavaScript to view it.

Telephone number: +39 342 6525676

For those attending the signing, they are requested to arrive by 11:30am tomorrow at the Naval League Ostia Section, Lungomare Caio Duilio, 36 – Lido di Ostia (RM).


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