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LENTIGION: Sorzi; Iodice, Zagnoni, Rossini, Agyemang; La Vigna (25th Bouhali), Martino, Esposito (30th Sanat); Staiti; Format (23rd Sala), Caprioni (34th Adusa). Available: Galeazzi, Casini, Tarantino, Lazzaretti, Canrossi. Trainer: Serpini.

MEZZOLARA: Malagoli; Barnabà (15th Melli), Dall’Osso, Fort, Musiani; Landi, Roselli, Faggi (31st Barbieri); Bertani; Semiao Granado (15th Bernardi), Cortesi (25th Bertuol). Available: Wangue, Garavini, Busi, Sciaccaluga, Porrini. All.: Nesi

Referee: Deborah Bianchi de Prato

Networks: Musiani (M) aut. at 17′, Bertani (M) at 24′, La Vigna (L) on rigging. at 42′, Staiti (L) at 10′, Zagnoni (L) at 22′, Musiani (M) at 49′.

Notes: Rossini informed. Corners: 6 to 5.

Sixth victory in a row for a Lentigione who squeaks points and thus manages to stay glued to Ravenna second in the classification: the podium, now, says Rimini 82, Ravenna 77 and Lentigione 74. There are still five races to go until the end of the championship. .

The match saw Lentigione take the lead with an own goal from Musiani who was unlucky when hitting a cross from Caprioni.

The draw did not take long, however: Bertani knew how to anticipate everyone in the area by signing the 1-1 and reopening the matches.

The game is pleasant, also because, despite the current gap of 25 points, Mezzolara is still fourth in class.

Reggio’s new advantage comes just before the break with a penalty from La Vigna (foul on Agyemang) which allows them to go to the locker room with Serpini’s men in front of a goal. But Lentigione did not give up attacking and on the return from the break it was Staiti, 10′ into the second half, who let go of the trio by blocking from the right.

Poker has the signature of Captain Zagnoni (ninth seal of the season), who finds the way of the network as his trademark: head-to-head.

In the final, Musiani set the final 4-2 diagonally, which made the result less harsh for the guests.

Worthy of note are Sorzi’s numerous saves on various attempts by Mezzolara, a side that put Lentigione in trouble with excellent football.

After the match, Mr Cristian Serpini said: “We are happy with the performance. There were some mistakes, like in the last goal scored, but always having the ball in play is impossible, so there are some. I’m sorry for Adusa and Sala who could score: they deserve more space – underlines the coach – and they deserve to score”.

Word also to the captain, Davide Zagnoni: “I am happy that the goal was used to win. We are satisfied, even if perhaps we could have done something more especially in the first half during the phase of ball attack. In the second half there was almost no match, we were more free of the head and we played a good part of the match.

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