The Minister of Health of the Sahrawi Arab Republic visits Modena

“Peace is the necessary condition for the growth and development of communities, especially in a delicate moment like the one our continent is going through. The Sahrawi people teach us that we must never stop believing in freedom”.

This was stated by the President of the Province of Modena Gian Domenico Tomei during a meeting with the Minister of Health of the Saharawi Arab Republic Kheira Boulahi Bad, Wednesday April 6 at the headquarters of the Province.

Also present at the meeting were Fatima Mafhoud, representative of the Polisario Front in Italy, and Silvia Bellettini, vice-president of the Kabara Lagdaf association, born in Modena in 1992, responsible for supporting projects for the Saharawi people and promoting their knowledge for support the UN peace plan for self-determination.

For the vice-president of the association Silvia Bellettini “it is a great satisfaction for Kabara Lagdaf to welcome the Minister of Health to present to her the project of prevention of infantile calculations that for 11 years thanks to the intuition of Fabio Campioli we have carried out in collaboration with the Municipality of Ravenna, the NGO CISP, and the support of the Emilia-Romagna Region Finally we can start again with the implementation of the project interrupted by the pandemic and thanks to the Modena municipalities we have been able to continue to map and treat Sahrawi children while from November 2020 the armed conflict with Morocco also returned”.

The Association takes its name from a young Saharawi girl who died prematurely despite the care received in Modena in the early 90s. The Association is registered in the regional register of volunteers and since 1997 has participated in the regional coordination of support for the Saharawi people.

In the province of Modena there are support committees in various municipalities, including Campogalliano, Carpi, Castelfranco, Concordia, Formigine, Modena, Montese, Nonantola, Novi, Ravarino, Sassuolo, S. Cesario, S. Prospero.

During the meeting with the local authorities in Modena, an update was given on the reopening of the conflict between Morocco and the Polisario Front in November 2020 and on the living conditions in the refugee camps from a health and social.

For several years, the association has been promoting a project for the prevention of infantile calculosis in collaboration with the Ansps (the national association for solidarity with the Saharawi people), Avis, Arci and the pediatric surgery complex of the university hospital of Modena Polyclinic. .

Sahrawis have lived in exile since 1975 in refugee camps south of the Algerian town of Tindouf, giving rise to Rasd (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic), a unique case in the world of a government “in exile”. Today, the Saharawi people continue to live partly in Western Sahara, in the territories occupied by the Kingdom of Morocco, and partly in refugee camps set up in the Algerian desert. In 1991, the UN Security Council authorized the sending of a mission for the referendum in Western Sahara (Minurso). However, after numerous resolutions, the self-determination referendum has yet to take place.


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