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In recent days, the city council issued a favorable opinion on the resolution concerning the the construction of a new Casa della Salute in Miramare and the search for properties to allocate to the Urban Forumsdesigned as physical spaces of proximity and containers for social experimentation with the aim of creating communities, renewing the link between the city and the dynamics of citizens, experimenting with new forms of sharing and fostering urban regeneration.

Structures that are part of the project promoted by the Municipality of Rimini in collaboration with the local health authority of Romagna, the University of Bologna and the Chamber of Commerce ‘Faibene – Factory of Well-Being’ with which the dissemination in the territory of public places and environments dedicated to social and health services and education is encouraged with the aim of going beyond the traditional concept of health as “cure for disease”, inserting it into a more integrated and expanded vision. The creation of Forum Urbani provides for the recovery of disused or underused properties so that they become the headquarters of social and socio-health services, voluntary associations, educational groups or Ci.Vi.Vo.

For the moment, with the green light from the executive, the hamlets of Miramare, Viserba, the Via Dario Campana / Ina Casa area and Spadarolo that possible leases for these spaces (to be purchased on the real estate market), to which must be added, in accordance with the commitments made by the municipality with the Memorandum of Understanding ‘Salute Unica’, also the search for a location for the new ‘Casa della Salute’ of Miramare. (in total there will be three).

“When we talk about health, we cannot think only of medical treatments, but we must refer to a set of actions in which several activities are added to promote the well-being of the individual, which is given by the convergence of different elements Personal care must be understood in its entirety – says health and social care policy adviser Kristian Gianfreda -. The Urban Forums, as well as the Maisons de la Santé, are part of this new theoretical framework of health. On the one hand, the creation of disused places transformed into real places for the community, and, on the other hand, a model of organization-assistance “close to home” which brings together the entire supply chain of the promotion of health, from general practitioners to nurses. There are two guidelines: health, understood in its most global sense, and “proximity”. When we think about the concept of health, we must consider multiple levels of intervention, which include, among others, the relational aspect, social inclusion, the degree of participation of the subject within a community. This is where the strengthening of the link between city and citizen, which is a fundamental element, also happens.

“The Forums and the Houses of Health – adds the Counselor – are a path that is particularly close to my heart and in which, as an administration, we invest a lot, to respond to the needs of the community, starting with the most in difficulty, and keeping pace with new social changes”.


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