The newsletters (Italian and foreign) not to be missed on gastronomy and surroundings

Like podcasts, there are more and more newsletters and it’s not easy to navigate if you don’t want to risk finding your inbox cluttered. There are some that are cult favorites for food aficionados. Starting with Cooking from the New York Times, written by food editor Sam Sifton as if it were a diary page, but full of links and cooking tips. But there are many others, perhaps less known but just as interesting for the most varied reasons. We have gathered here six food themes, each with its specificity, to choose the one that suits us the most. Curious, ethnic or vegan recipes, but also books, stories and characters.

Vittles was born on a day in March 2020, during the first wave of the pandemic, and the writing of food in the UK changed forever. Hyperbola? Not exactly. Jonathan Nunn has created a food newsletter for new times. Vittles tells us about stories about food and culture from around the world, featuring articles from writers, illustrators and chefs, especially those who don’t have a place in mainstream food media. He says of his work, “Elitist, inaccessible food writing needs a dose of politics, because the biggest issues of our time are all food issues.”
The particularity : Here you find things that no one else writes.

Secret Breakfast Newsletter
You receive it every Tuesday. Its author is Piero Macchioni, an Italian journalist and food lover, but it’s in English (in 2021, Food & Wine Us also flagged it as the best food-themed newsletter to read). A melting pot that mixes the latest releases in bookstores with “The best quote” up to “Random act of feeding”, where Macchioni shares news and curiosities, such as recipes, trends and articles to read on foodblogs and foreign magazines. Details that can make the difference, “like a pinch of salt in the chocolate or freshly ground coffee before extraction”, explains the author.
The particularity : writing style and ironic tone.

The food fact
Contains a selection of the most interesting and current articles published in the independent online journal of the same name. It helps to orient oneself to make more careful purchases, oriented to Made in Italy and anti-waste, thanks to in-depth information on prices, misleading advertising and comparative tests between Italian and foreign products. The shipment is quite dense, every 3-4 days.
The particularity : there are also reports of recalls and withdrawals from the market of products that have encountered problems of all kinds, such as contamination or errors on the label.

101 cookbooks
Vegan, vegetarian and healthy, accessible to all. These are the recipes that Californian photographer and author Heidi Swanson points to in her weekly newsletter, always accompanied by beautiful shots. The detailed spice information is also interesting.
The particularity : the Meals in a Jar section, dedicated to those very easy dishes, such as soups, where all you have to do is combine all the ingredients in a saucepan and turn on the heat.

If you’re planning a food and wine trip to the United States, here’s the newsletter. Indeed, at the time of registration, you can choose one or more metropolises from a large list (San Francisco, LA, NY, Austin and many others) and receive targeted advice on the best places to eat and the latest news about city news. culinary scene. .
The particularity : you can also subscribe to the “Add to Cart” newsletter, which specializes in shopping advice tailored to the home cook.

It’s just born, but it’s already getting noticed because its author, Mariachiara Montera, has already had success with a podcast, Lingua (you can listen to it on Storytel), where food is always the link between stories true, such as motherhood, recovery or change. Its monthly newsletter uses a bit of the same format and comes out once a month, but also offers excellent reading tips on the gastronomic world.
The particularity: it’s also an audio newsletter: each story can therefore be read but also listened to, accompanied by background music.

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