The place in Milan? In the world. Through health, innovation and culture

Milan, April 13, 2022 A city concerned with the well-being of people, capable of attracting talent and meeting the challenge of globalization: it is the dream of the Milan of the future, told in the book “Dreaming of Milan” organized by Andrea Franchini and Fulvio Palmieri, presented yesterday at an event attended by illustrious personalities linked to the city of Milan.

The publication, produced under the aegis of IEO-European Institute of Oncology and with the non-conditioning contribution of Gentili Institutepharmaceutical company entirely dedicated to oncology, Milanese by birth and tradition, collects the reflections of more than thirty characters including scientists, entrepreneurs, sociologists,
psychologists, urban planners, philosophers, activists, who have told of the Milan they dream of seeing in ten years. Made during the pandemic, which inevitably represented a dividing line between a before and an after, the volume frames the priorities of the restart, thinking of Milan as a symbol of all of Italy.

#Health and Life Sciences at the heart of the future

“Covid-19 has brought the centrality of health back to the fore as a key factor in people’s well-being, which requires effective health services accessible to all, but also the promotion of a healthy living environment. and attentive to the most vulnerable people,” he said. Alessandro Del Bono, CEO of Istituto Gentili. “The pandemic has also highlighted the value of health for the stability of the economic and social system. Milan is one of the areas where the presence of the life sciences sector is most felt, with its field of research, technological innovation, qualified employment, so many elements that constitute the bases on which to build a promising future for our cities and for the country”.

#Milan excellence in research and innovation

“Milan’s place is in the world”, he explains Pier Giuseppe Pelicci, research director of the IEO. “To meet the city’s growth ambition and be truly competitive globally, we need to focus on attracting talent and funding. This means focusing on our excellence – universities, research centres, state-of-the-art hospitals – and fostering the development of an “easy” city, where English is spoken, where mobility is not a problem, where access to the administration is direct, without bureaucratic procedures”.

#Milan world metropolis

“The society of the future will be dominated by technology, robotics and artificial intelligence, and the game of competitiveness will be played on the ability to promote the exchange of knowledge, beyond national borders”, explain the two publishers. volume. Andrea Franchini and Fulvio Palmieri. “The future of Milan is that of a global metropolis, driven by the combination of innovation and new entrepreneurship, but without innovation erasing its identity profile as a city of lasting humanism between profit and solidarity, reason and hope, alchemy and calculation”.

#The revolution of humanity to revive Milan

“Milan’s dream is to once again become the ideal place to study, work, heal, but also to welcome and overcome inequalities,” says Giangiacomo Schiavi, editor-in-chief of historical news and deputy director of Corriere della Sera. “Covid has hit a city that has become the capital of the world after the Expo: Milan has found itself more fragile and more alone, but as at other times in history, it is called upon to reinvent itself with the coordinates of the future, environment and digital, health and technology. The decisive impetus will be the ability to combine tradition and innovation with good citizenship and solidarity, while universities, culture and research will make the difference. »

#History teaches us that we can change

“In history and culture, there are signs of the dream that can be realized: a world in which women are free to realize themselves and to decide, for themselves and for others”, explains- she. Stefania Bartocetti, founder of Telefono Donna, the association founded thirty years ago to provide free support and assistance to women victims of abuse. “Women have suffered the effects of the pandemic on their skin, which has weighed on their psychological, family and professional conditions. The future we dream of happened centuries ago in England, when Elizabeth I took the throne and later, when at Elizabeth II’s investiture, her husband Philip knelt in the world of vision by breaking a taboo”.

#Transparency, competition and competence are the words engraved in the future of Milan

“Among the many games in Milan there is also the digitization of an important market like that of law: relations between public administrations and lawyers can today be based on transparency and merit, revealing a new approach which we could rightly define as ‘sustainable’. This is the Milan that we dream of, or rather, that we work for every day,” he says. Alessandro RennaFounder and CEO of 4CLegal.

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