the project, the free surplus and the mortgages. The fight resumes on Monday

Bosco dello sport: after the first week of municipal commissions, the discussion on the program agreement for the construction of the complex dedicated to professional and amateur sport “Bosco dello sport” in Tessera continues at a brisk pace, as an alternative to the urban planning tools. The objective is to arrive at an address for the Mayor’s participation in the services conference, and the deadlines are tight to be able to arrive in time to present the project and obtain funds from the PNR (by 2026). The deputy mayor, Andrea Tomaello, remarked when opening the works.

Costs and Free Surplus

In reality, the money from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr) only covers part of the investments necessary for the project, explained budget adviser Michèle Zuin. Of the total cost of the works, which amounts to 283 million euros, 93 come from the PNR, 78 from the free budget surplus available with the 2021 report (where 91 million are advanced), 17 million from the special law, and 95 million from the subscription of mortgages which in practice replace mortgages extinguished or in the process of being concluded. Of the 78 million in free surplus, specifies the commissioner, the balance 35 are reinstated via other types of financing.


“Considering that – explains Zuin – at current interest rates, a 29-year loan from Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (Cdp) at a fixed rate of 95 million, implies an annual payment of 4.3 million, sustainability is achieved by perspective, with reference to the expiring quotas. In particular, between 2022 and 2028, 38 CDP mortgages, 5 bond loans, 1 bond loan with derivative (to cover a financial risk) expire. In any case, a work will be done to reduce the costs borne by the Municipality: a share of 16-17 million will be returned from the extinction of Cmv (Casinò municipale di Venezia spa), whose share capital is entirely controlled by the Municipality, and from the works are in progress to check the possibility of recovering the VAT on the interventions, equal to an additional 15 million”.

Casino Park

Cmv owns the land on the quadrants of Tessera, where the Bosco dello sport is built. The municipality will have to buy the land from its company Cmv, and reimburse it by merger, keeping only Cdv, Casino di Venezia Gioco spa, currently controlled by Cmv. This, however, is subject to the Revenue Agency’s response to the municipality, to which the municipality has addressed a question. The decision to assess the feasibility of the merger was taken following the renunciation of Venezia Football club srl to carry out the construction project of the new stadium in the Tessera quadrant area (owned by Cmv spa). The Cmv has a debt of 13 million, the Cdv of 5.2 million and the Municipality of 6.3 million. If there is a reverse merger between Cmv and Cdv, in the end the debt position is reduced to approximately 8 million towards the Municipality and towards the banks. So if the Cmv zones cost 20 million, after eliminating the 8 million debts, the sole shareholder (Municipality) collects 12 million. Added to the recovery of 5.7 million from the provision for bad debts, that is to say the provision for credit which is part of the budget of the Municipality of Venice, 17 million are returned to the Municipality, plus the VAT d an amount of 35 million, which returns to the 78 million that the Municipality puts in the Bosco dello sport.


“The 10 million of the special law have not arrived – underlines the councilor of Terre et Eau, Marco Gasparinetti – and the 17 million that are linked (to the development of airport traffic, in this case also functional to the connection with the Bosco for sport) with what other uses would they be compatible?” In short, he wonders what else we could do with these funds. the majority “What repercussions will the multifunctional construction with stadium, building and other structures for the activity and the physical rehabilitation of the complex have on the budget of the Municipality? – Asks the councilor dem, Emanuele Rosteghin -. The city has so far benefited from various funds, special law, pact for Venice, etc., but if no more resources arrive and more mortgages have to be taken out, how will this be done? is the mayor’s address for the conference of services – he says – If the 17 million remained blocked because they are linked to the road network, it is not clear the passage for which they would now be linked to the stadium. Will Tessera be left speechless? “. And again, Councilor Gianluca Trabucco (Green and Progressive) speaks on collaboration between the public and private sectors. “The municipality with the Bosco per lo sport project gives up 600,000 cubic meters of commercial volumes. But perhaps only part of the airspace, for the management of municipal parking for example, would have guaranteed a considerable income to the public. The city wants a building and a stadium, but not so much impact on the municipal budget, which among other things seems almost a renunciation of the policy of subsidiarity between public and private supported until now”.

The project

Sixteen thousand seats at the stadium, 10 thousand at the sports hall, all the commercial-commercial and hotel parts are removed (600 thousand cubic meters), explains the municipal councilor for town planning and the environment, Massimliano De Martin. Sports activities remain on 115 hectares of surface area, of which 41 will actually be intended for sports facilities, 15 for equipped green spaces, 10 for car parks and green spaces, 16 other hectares for infrastructure and accessibility from the airport, and the 58 remaining hectares will be destined for a corridor for the ecological connection between the Dese River and the lagoon area, with a wooded area and pedestrian cycle paths, equipped areas and rolling reservoirs for hydraulic security. “Everything will be immersed in the woods, the area will have the same characteristics as the forest of Mestre”, explain the technicians. There is also an educational and sports area with an integrated swimming pool and an educational part, for example for a sports high school or for sports medicine (for the recovery of athletes). It is the resolution that marks the guidelines for the mandate to the mayor to participate in the conference of services, which constitutes the phase of adoption of the disposition to approve all the part of the technical and environmental report, and therefore for the approval of the variant.

A new municipal master plan

The project makes it possible to use these 34 billion old liras, which have remained immobile since 2000, for the construction of a bypass connecting the Bosco, which comes out of the roundabout connecting the airport and becomes the backbone of access to this sports facility. “The sports forest is really a work of great strategic value”, comments the mobility advisor, Renato Boraso. Once the conference is done, the projects and the program agreement presented and approved, it is published in the Praetorian register for 10 days, plus 20 observation times, and the final conference is scheduled within 20 days. Within this period, there will be the verification of the counter-arguments and the opinions of the variant, then the ratification of the City Council within 30 days of the conference of the decision-making services. The creation of this sports area requires a change in the plan of interventions and the development of the territory, and above all a new municipal plan, “a new paradigm”, defined by the councilor Gianfranco Bettin (Green Progressive) which revolutionizes the main urban planning tool for the objectives and orientations of territorial development. The project covers the whole of the metropolis with 34 interventions in 28 municipalities.


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