The Queen is worried about her health again – here’s what’s going on

Each year, according to tradition, the Royal family with the queen in mind goes at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor for the Easter Service. As revealed by the latest rumors, it seems that Queen Elizabeth will not be present for the first time.

Today it was confirmed that members of the Royal Family will be present on Sunday morning, but the attendance of the Queen, who turns 96 next week, has not been confirmed. In recent months Her Majesty suffered from some problems in the movement, often she appeared in public accompanied by a cane.

As reported by ‘The Mirror’, a source inside the palace has confirmed that the Queen herself you don’t feel fit enough join the family for this Easter Sunday service, which will be held at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. The news comes shortly after very similar news broke.

It was indeed confirmed absence of the Queen also for the Royal Maundy Service, held at St. George’s Chapel itself. The Holy Service is usually held on Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter; for the occasion, it is traditional for the royal family to donate Maundy money, special coins that are given to the most needy during the religious ceremony.

A spokeswoman for the Queen said she was “sorry for not being able to participateDuring the annual ceremony, during which she usually distributes the special coins to retirees. The 95-year-old monarch supervised all preparationsdespite the announced absence, precisely to “avoid any misunderstanding or that the day loses its importance”.

The Queen’s health is failing

The annual event is indeed a very important date in the real calendar; This year it will be up to the future king, Prince Charles, to maintain the old tradition distribute money in the morning; for him it will be the first time. It will also be the return of the ceremony, canceled for two years now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, Princess Eugenie joined her grandmother for the occasion.

There have only been four occasions when a member of the Royal Family has had to take the reins of the Royal Maundy in Her Majesty’s absence. Some Palazzo assistants have admitted that over the past few weeks, Her Majesty -who turns 96 on April 21- having “good days and not so good days”, regarding his health. Since last October, the Queen had been forced to reduce her engagements due to a sudden mild illness.

She had been forced to rest by doctors and had only recently returned to attend public events. However, even recently he had to give up commitments that were too tiring. However, the memorial ceremony in honor of her late husband, Prince Philip, did not miss two weeks ago at Westminster Abbey.

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