The red fruit that reduces the risk of heart attack two hours after consuming it

A recent study has confirmed how daily consumption of this fruit can greatly improve the health of our cardiovascular system by preventing strokes and heart attacks.

According to a survey conducted by the Italian Society of Cardiology, during these two years of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 i death rate from heart attack and stroke have increased considerably. The cardiovascular health of Italians has increasingly deteriorated due to the growth in the number of smokers, people at risk of obesity and excessive alcohol consumption. It is precisely for this reason that it is important to preserve the well-being of our heart.

A new study published in the academic journal Food and function brought us comforting news that eating a fruit you’re sure to find on supermarket shelves or at our trusted greengrocer has been shown to help improve cardiovascular function in adult men. We talk about the red berry.

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The research observed 45 healthy adult men who were given cranberry powder equivalent to one cup of blueberries (about 9g) daily for a full month. Researchers were able to show that those who consumed cranberry powder had a significant improvement in so-called flow-mediated dilation, which signals improve the function of the heart and blood vessels. The increase in polyphenols and metabolites in the bloodstream and associated improvements in flow-mediated dilation after consumption of cranberries underscore the important role these fruits may play in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The results of this study are overwhelmingly positive as it has been shown to be an easily consumed daily amount of cranberries. makes the blueberry an important fruit in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

A diet with insufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables is one of the main risk factors associated with a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease worldwide. More and more scientific studies reveal how I polyphenols which are contained in the berries possess extraordinary benefits for heart health. Blueberries are rich in proanthocyanidins which have distinct properties compared to polyphenols found in other fruits, as they can greatly improve blood vessel function. The study found significant improvements in flow-mediated dilation as early as two hours of cranberry consumption.

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Source: Food and function

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