the shock confession about his health

Let’s take a look at what well-known actor and impersonator Massimo Lopez said straight up, leaving everyone speechless.

We want you today talking about a recent interview that one of the legendary band members Lopez, Solenghi, Marchesini posted, which really left everyone in shock at what was said.

Massimo Lopez: shock confession about his health (web)

We are talking about a confession that moved and moved the protagonist himself, remembering her, that is, Massimo Lopez, but let’s try to better understand what happened together in detail.

Massimo Lopez: shock confession about his health

Let’s start by saying that the beautiful interview came out on the pages of Corriere della Sera and spoke for the first time about the heart attack that struck him a few months ago, after the first one occurred in 2017 while he was on stage.

From the first, Obviously the news was known immediately, whereas for this recent it is the first time that he speaks about it, because Massimo Lopez is always very reserved concerning his private life.

After these problems, he then indicated that his perception of happiness has changed from before and sees the path in a different way, and added, regarding the second disease which was different from the first, even more intense.

His words were as follows:

“…The second was even more dramatic, as I was on the train and traveled three hours with a heart attack in progress, I was at serious risk. I say this because after each delicate moment, I have always tried to “rediscover” life, to see the things that matter up close…”

Right now he finds himself at work with his friend and lifelong companion, Tullio Solenghi, as has happened in the past the two are really very close, a real family, as with Anna there was a deep bond.

For those who don’t know, the trio first met in a dubbing room for some Japanese anime, and during work they had a lot of fun and often changed lines, and the producers got angry.

When they did the parody of the Betrothed, were a point of reference for many Italians who still remember it with great affection, Massimo also recalled a detail.

As they turned around, it was took a break to go to the bar then started playing pinball, but everyone was looking at him weirdly, why? He was dressed as a Monza nun! Massimo remembers those moments as the funniest of his life.

He also had the pleasure of being contacted by Mina who heard him sing in the final theme song of Promessi Sposi where Lucy sang in the role of Manzoni, obviously all very unlikely.

Massimo Lopez: shock confession about his health
Massimo Lopez: shock confession about his health (web)

But the Tigre di Cremona complimented him and also invited him to his house, which Massimo first thought was a joke, but then he realized that was not the case, and so it was. that he recorded a track in the Canarino Werewolf album.

In short, Massimo shared a moment that could have been very dramatic in his private life, regarding the new heart problem, but also funny moments like the anecdote during the filming of Promessi Sposi!

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