The sustainable company promotes the well-being and health of employees

“Companies that join the project PVT they are sustainable by definition. These are realities that place the person and their well-being at the center of their development. It is a question of marrying values ​​linked to a modern corporate culture, and knowing how to interpret to one’s advantage the evolution of the financial system”. These are the words of Silvia Paganidirector of the Union of Industrialists of the Province of Varese, during the webinar organized byUniva work safety zone entitled: “WHP 2022, the new operational manual for workplaces that promote health in Lombardy”.

The project PST – Workplace Health Promotion was born nine years ago, by the will of ATS Insubrie in collaboration with Univa and the territory’s CGIL, CISL and UIL trade unions, with the aim of making companies more sustainable workplaces, capable of improving people’s health and promoting a healthier lifestyle among employees through concrete activities promoted by the companies that join the project.

To date, they have also been involved 70 workstations in the Varese areafor a total of more 22,000 workers. Realities that drive initiatives in the company on the fronts of a more correct diet; the fight against smoking, alcoholism, drug consumption and gambling addiction; promoting physical activity and social and personal well-being. “Over the past two years, the strategic value of the WHP program and Univa’s increasingly active focus as a driving force for the many practices developed by individual companies have become even more clear. This is an excellent sign of attention to the health of the whole community – he said Elena Tettamanzi, Director of Health Promotion and Prevention of Behavioral Risk Factors of ATS Insubria -. I hope that the collaboration between Univa and ATS will continue with the same commitment to guarantee increasingly sustainable results for the territory”. Lisa Impagliazzo, head of the health promotion – hygiene and health prevention department of ATS Insubria said: “The new operating manual for workplaces that promote health in Lombardy represents a turning point for the promotion of healthy lifestyles with employees. The WHP, in fact, makes it possible to concretely initiate ways to improve the well-being of staff. The desire to further facilitate proposals in favor of employee health confirms the investment, also at international level, in programs aimed at reducing the risk factors of chronic and degenerative diseases”.

Improvement of well-being and health, but not only. “The WHP project – explained the director of Univa, Silvia Pagani – it also offers strictly economic advantages to companies that adhere to it. Principally, discounts on Inail scholarships. And then there too possibility of building a concrete action of responsibility company social security to spend financially to access, on the one hand, national and European tenders and, on the other hand, bank credit, thanks to the growing predisposition of institutions and banks to guarantee better ratings by granting resources to companies that commit to the objectives of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in which the PST fits perfectly”.

Biagio Principeof the regional management Inail – Contarp he explained: “The comparison between the current version of the WHP manual and the reduction model of the average rate of the prevention premium (OT23) for 2022, allowed us to identify the correspondence between some of the WHP good practices and some of the the interventions envisaged in the INAIL model.In the Regional Prevention Plan 2021-2025 of the Lombardy Region, the WHP program is indicated as a tool to promote the adoption, by companies and public bodies, of ways of social responsibility and to develop a strategy that must be combined with the lines of action of the Regional Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030. Social responsibility and the affirmation of sustainable development reports are subjects that have a strong value for the Institute, in such point that they are included among the interventions in Section E referring to organizational health and safety management measures in the model”.

During the meeting, two companies from Varese who have adhered to the initiative for years participated. La Lati – Thermoplastic industry of Vedano Olonaspecializing in the production of technical thermoplastics for engineering use, has been participating in the WHP program since 2014, as explained, Monique ParmaHR spersonal administration and corporate well-being specialist: “Thanks to the collaboration with ATS Insubria, we will introduce innovations in our company canteen with an innovative use of placemats that will provide advice for a healthier lifestyle, alongside healthy snacks at distributors and the initiative bears fruit in the company. We also have a corporate gym that offers both face-to-face and online classes with free membership at no cost.”

The Varese company is also involved in the social responsibility“We contribute, for example, to the registration fees of the children of our employees in summer camps and offer the possibility – continued Parme – of accessing a support service to follow their children in the execution of homework and in dad’s classes.” Finally, Lati has an agreement with a pharmacy for the delivery of medicines to the company.

the Gallarate Lasi Spa Treatment Systems (Electrical, electronic, electromechanical assemblies), represented by its competent doctor, Paolo Grillo: “The promotion of health at work is the authority of the occupational physician in the eyes of the workers. A closer relationship is created with employees who begin to understand that they have a doctor in the company with whom they can speak. The workplace is thus increasingly becoming a human environment, as well as a healthy environment”.
Lasi has joined the WHP project since 2018 with a series of activities, including: “Blood tests to check employees’ exposure to cardio-circulatory risks; training courses for combating addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling; free Pap tests for working women; ways to facilitate smoking cessation”.

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