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from Marco Imarisio

On Thursday, Putin appeared in a video alongside General Shoigu: the immobility of the posture, the position in the chair, the hands holding the edges of the table firmly revived the debate on the state of health of the leader of the Russia

It starts again. Whenever Vladimir Poutine appears next to another human, they return doubts about his state of health, both physical and mental.

And yesterday morning, the president could not dispense with it.

The meeting with his Minister of Defense Sergei Choïgou who announced the taking of Mariupol was part of the script celebration of a victory, whatever, for next May 9, when the annual Victory Day will be held across Russia. It was a solemn occasion.

But the Putin seen yesterday had very different characteristics from those attributed to the commander-in-chief of a triumphant army. Reducedwrites Ian Bremmer, an American political scientist who is certainly not sympathetic but authoritarian.

In the ten minutes of the video broadcast on the Kremlin website, we see the president listening in silence to the report from Shoigu on the fall of the martyred city of this war. She hands him the coveted prey, which in presidential hopes should justify such a large number of Russian casualties, not to mention Ukrainian civilians, that they are ignored in Moscow.

But Putin seems anything but solemn. Forced to have a direct and close interview, to be the protagonist of the happy event, he seems rather to want to escape all contact.

Putin does not sit against the table, but seems to crash into the chair, as if trying to increase the distance between himself and the interlocutor. the hands they are not placed normally on the surface of the table, but grab both sides. There too, it seems that he wants to push it back, as many observers have pointed out. His words are also dry, essential. Without emphasis, it would take time. He categorically rejects Shoigu’s idea of ​​attacking the Azovstal steelworks, where the Azov battalion has been taking refuge for days, compliments the army, nothing else. As if the show had to be short at all costs.

His first public appearance since the start of the war has also given rise to some speculation. The April 12 visit to the cosmodrome had been carefully planned to avoid contact with other people. The press conference with Alexander Lukashenko was held with two desks at an unusual distance from each other. And at the end there hadn’t even been the traditional hug, or the handshakewith their loyal Belarusian ally.

And then we come back to the eternal question, which the Americans offer with a simple formula. Putin the rational or Vlad the Mad? Rational or crazy? The boundary between concern for your state of health (top secret) and very labile obsession.

Rumors about the pathologies from which the Russian president would suffer are now widespread (and here Sandro Modeo had made an in-depth account of them), as well as those about his state of mental health.

The first focused on the possibilities spine problems (for previous sports injuries or even a tumor of the spinal cord, the symptoms of which would be compatible with certain walking difficulties and certain postural agitations, writes Modeo) and on Parkinson’s disease (which in turn would explain certain kinetic alterations, the “rigidity” evoked by Macron and others, the slowing of the cognitive response and the reduced amplitude of oscillation of the right hand compared to the left).

The latest appearance, meant to be the greatest moment of triumph for whoever set out to invade Ukraine, doesn’t seem destined to extinguish them.

The mystery continues. And it will remain until the end.

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April 22, 2022 (change April 22, 2022 | 10:49)

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