There cannot and should not be a conflict between faith and scientific research

Research at the service of the common good. According to Pope Francis science is a great resource to build peace. The Pontiff assigns to scientists the task of training new generations. Builders of peace in a world which, after the pandemichas the opportunity to rethink the relationship between science and society. Never as at that time was it necessary to relaunch scientific research. For meet the challenges of contemporary society. To develop the desire for knowledge which, underlines Jorge Mario Bergoglio, “it hides in the heart of every man and every woman“. As it is written in the encyclical “Fratelli Tutti”, it is therefore necessary that “scientific research puts its own indications. Still looking new forms of collaboration. Share the results. And build networks.To research

Faith and scientific research

The International Meeting “Science for Peace” was organized on the occasion of the Jubilee of San Gabriel. Whose sanctuary is located on the slopes of the Gran Sasso. Where are the National Nuclear Physics Laboratories located. A meeting promoted by Diocese of Teramo. “There cannot and must not exist contraposition between faith and science”. According to Francis, due to the pandemic, it is necessary formulate a new relationship between science and society. The experience of the health emergency has prompted the world of science to rethink prevention prospects. Therapy. And the health organization. Taking into account the anthropological implications related to society. Scientists have the task of supporting the training of new generations. Teach them not to be afraid research fatigue. “Vintage change needs new disciples of knowledge– emphasizes Francesco-. And scientists are the masters of a new generation of peacemakers“. Indeed, science “is a great resource for building peace”. And the task of the scientist is “testify how it is possible to create a new social bond“, Getting involved” to bring scientific research closer to the whole community. From local to international. Because together it is possible overcome any conflict“.To research

Return to a normal life

Massimo Scaccabarozzi is President and Janssen CEOgroup pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. He also chairs Farmindustria. “Thirteen billion doses of vaccine produced to date against Covid-19. 65% of the world’s population who received at least one dose. The prospect of quickly returning to a normal life– underlines the president of the association of Italian pharmaceutical industries – It is this only one of the examples that demonstrates the important role of research. It was possible to make this hope a reality to overcome as soon as possible pandemic through scientific research. And to a virtuous system of “open innovation”. With collaborations and partnerships around the world“.

Fundamental contribution

Massimo Scaccabarozzi continues: “Italy has always had a leading role. And he gave a fundamental contribution. For the knowledge of the virus. And for the development of vaccines and treatments. After the United States, China and the United Kingdom, our country ranks among the first in the world. For scientific publications related to Covid-19: almost 8,000. Italy in 2021 recorded a growth of 30% of biopharmaceutical patent applications. Presented to the European Patent Office”. Investments in scientific research in Italy amounted to 1.6 billion. With 700 million used in clinical trials. A valuable tool for patients who can benefit from innovative treatments. And for the National Health Service. The NHS, indeed, has a overall economic benefit 2.77 euros for each euro invested by companies.


Objectives achieved in large part thanks to the researchers of the pharmaceutical companies. Who are mostly women (52% of the total in scientific research). “A clear signal that innovation needs the tenacity and resilience of the female world – observes the president of Farmindustria -. Visionary and passionate innovators and innovators. With typically Italian creativity. They have given a lot (and continue to give) for the health of citizens around the world. Without research no health. And there is no future. It is a strategic asset of the country.”

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