“There was no shortage of food in Italy” during the Ukraine-Russia conflict, says Patuanelli.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia over staple foods like wheat, rye and oats is a good example.“At the moment there are no signs of a shortage in Italy,” says the author of a report on the shortage of bread and pasta.,. On the sidelines of the Agriculture Council in Brussels, Agriculture Minister Stefano Patuanelli assured him.

“There is, without a doubt, the problem of cost increases,” he adds. However, we do not see any signs of “goods shortage” compared to the presence of products in the supermarkets. derived from hard and soft wheat.

“These are not countries where we get most of our products from; we have percentages of raw material imports from Russia and Ukraine that are easily replaceable by other grain markets,” he explained in an interview with RTL earlier this year. We are in talks with two manufacturers to increase imports: France and Germany. There are also other markets for corn and wheat, such as Canada, the United States and Argentina. Of course, this change has an impact on import costs from distant countries”.

FUELS – “It is clear that this first step will partially reduce the cost of gasoline and at the same time give companies back higher energy costs,” the minister told RTL. A levy which allows a package of measures of 4.5 billion without touching the budget. It’s a possibility, but we also have to think about the price of gas at European level”. “The price of gasoline will drop from tomorrow, and the measure will last until the end of April, which is about 40 days,” explains Patunelli. Other more structural measures, in our view, can help stabilize the price of energy commodities, allowing prices to fall after the 40-day period. We will do everything to help Italians and businesses so that they don’t have to spend their entire salary on petrol. It is too high because nothing justifies the increases because the raw materials are abundant. We are trying to make this possible with the tools at our disposal, but there is an international dynamic of rising prices and speculation on raw materials. “A state cannot do much on its own.

ARMS SEND – “I think we’re all going through a normal ethical dilemma right now.” We didn’t send weapons to Ukraine just because it seemed like a good idea. Since we send means that cause the death of people, we have stopped considering our actions. Therefore, an invaded people has the right to defend itself. Despite the ongoing war, those who have been attacked have the right to be assisted in their defence. For this, despite my reservations, I voted for the CDM. However, I believe supporting the Ukrainian people is the right thing to do. “

EUROPE – The Old Continent “was able to tackle the problem of the pandemic selfishly and in a common way, through Next Generation Eu and therefore the common European debt to finance countries in a difficult period, just like the real problem today” today, also for the agro-food sector, it is the cost of energy, which has a profound impact on all raw materials and on many European companies. I think that Europe must once again show common sense and that a slice of the common European debt should be made available to deal with these problems”.

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