There’s no food or water, it’s surreal

The story of Martino, one of the Italians who lives and works in Shanghai, the Chinese megalopolis in confinement since March 28 after an upsurge in Covid cases due to the spread of the Omicron variant: “Surreal to have rationed food in the richest city of the world’s second largest economy”.

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“It’s quite surreal to have food rationed in the wealthiest city in the world’s second largest economy.” Martino is an Italian who lives and works in Shanghaithe Chinese megalopolis of lockdown since March 28 after an outbreak of cases covid due to the spread of the variant Omicron. FOR Fifth morningconnected via Skype, he recounted what he called a “real imprisonment“which has now been going on for 14 days.” They had announced a four-day blockade, but it has been going on for weeks. “What worries Martino and the city’s other 26 million people is thefood supply. “Each condominium takes care of the supply of certain foods, such as vegetables, meat, bread or eggs, but imagine the difficulty because a condominium can contain three thousand people and the deliveries they are retarded,” he explained.

Martino also added that “here we never go shopping at the supermarket even without the confinement, it is a city of 26 million inhabitants, which relies on home deliveries for everything and at the moment it is very difficult to find any type of food”. . But it’s not just the food that’s missing. “I bought drinking water on April 3 and the new supply is delivered on April 23, I survive on two bottles of waterthe water offered by a generous neighbour,” concluded the boy, who is not the only Italian in this situation. Yesterday we also told the story of Alessandro, a thirty-year-old music producer, settled in a isolation center after testing positive for Covid during a mass screening. “Here, there are no showers, everyone has a basin to wash themselves. Everyone coughs and spits in a big bucket. It’s difficult to sleep, because the lights stay on even at night”, he explained on his social networks.

In short, the situation in Shanghai is becoming more and more difficult, but the authorities are not backing down to try to apply their zero tolerance against the pandemic. Many Italian experts have called what is happening in China unnecessary and inhumane. Like, how Maximum Gallicformer director of the infectious diseases department of Sacco Hospital in Milan: “China made drastic interventions to fight the virus during the first phase of the pandemic. Measures which, at least for the fight against the virus, have been successful. And now, in this new wave, he has decided to apply them again, without ifs and buts. Without taking into account that what is circulating today is not the original virus. Omicron and its “offspring” are far more contagious and far more widespread. confinement strength of the infected, whose images we see these days, in addition to arousing outrage from a humanitarian point of view, is totally useless from a technical point of view in this new context”, he commented. toDNAKronos Health.

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