These popular foods may also be among the causes of allergies and Alzheimer’s disease at younger and younger ages.

Unfortunately, what we like the most is not always good for our health. Indeed, some popular foods could cause brain damage. Here are the foods to watch out for.

The hypothesis of scientists about food allergies

Allergies seem to be an increasingly widespread phenomenon, although fortunately science is progressing in terms of solutions. In addition to remedies, experts also focus on possible causes. In particular, with regard to food allergies, researchers from the University Federico II of Naples have identified a possible culprit. The study involved children aged six to twelve years and was presented at the congress of the European Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.

The hypothesis that has emerged from the research work is that among those responsible for food allergies, there is what is called “junk food”, or junk food. Indeed, eating this type of food too often could increase the levels of particular compounds called “Ages” in the body, which could in turn cause hyperreactivity to the allergens contained in certain foods. Ages are mainly present in confectionery, industrial products and bakery products, but also in ingredients that are grilled or fried at high temperatures. Moreover, these compounds are not only responsible for food allergies, but are also suspected to be linked to the onset of diabetes and various chronic diseases. Of course, further studies are needed before confirming these hypotheses. But there are also other reasons why junk food can be bad for your health.

These popular foods may also be among the causes of allergies and Alzheimer’s disease at younger and younger ages.

Admittedly, junk food seduces young and old, but there would be more than one reason to consume it in moderation. First, some scientists have observed that junk food can cause inflammation in the body: this, in turn, could increase the risk of getting sick. In addition, a study published in the scientific journal Biochemical Pharmacology and taken up by the Veronesi Foundation suggests that carbonated drinks and fatty, high-calorie foods could cause early brain damage. In particular, junk food could be responsible for juvenile Alzheimer’s, that is to say those who are already at 55 or 60 years old. In short, among the causes of allergies and Alzheimer’s disease, there could also be what we eat. All the more reason to follow a healthy diet!


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