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VIRTUS SEGAFREDO BOLOGNA: Tessitori 5, Mannion 2, Pajola 1, Hervey 8, Shengelia 15, Hackett 12, Sampson 4, Weems 26, Cordinier 5, Ne Ceron, Ruzzier, Alibegovic,

UNAHOTELS: Thompson 5, Hopkins 14, Baldi Rossi 4, Strautins 10, Crawford 6, Cinciarini 9, Johnson 14, Larson 8. Ne: Carta and Colombo. Coach: Caja.

Referees: Tolga Sahin, Alessandro Perciavalle, Giulio Pepponi

Partials: 22-14, 34-26, 55-47

Notes: 3-point pitches: Segafredo 414, Unahotels 926; free throws: Bologna 2228, Reggio 1722. Released for 5 fouls: Strautins

by Gabriel Gallo

A tough and indomitable Unahotels emerges defeated, head held high, from the clash with the Italian champions on their home ground. With courage, but also a valuable technical performance, Reggio held the anxious battleship Virtus for a long time, which led for 40 minutes, but never managed to give enough blows to the opponent to put it on the ropes, even running some thrills in the last quarters where the reds and whites manage to come back to -1 before the superior technical caliber of Segafredo wins.

Deprived of their main attacking terminal, Olisevicius, and long-time prisoners Candi and Diouf, the reds and whites have once again bet on the character and the will to worry until the last moment the very strong Bolognese team against which Reggio showed for the umpteenth time a great defensive identity. Virtus, on the other hand, traveled too much in alternating current and, in order to win, he had to rely above all on his individuality and the possibility of having longer rotations than those of Reggio.

Bologna make their power felt from the start, Reggio contrasts adequately with very precise defensive timing. A wild Weems then thought of tipping the scales towards Bologna, pushing his team to the first extra time of the match: 18-10 at 7′. Loot that the hosts bring as a dowry to the first mermaid. The start of the second period sees Unahotels continue to struggle in the offensive phase, also because the intensity at the back of Vnere is very high. However, partly due to a certain excess of superficiality by Mannion and his cronies, partly due to the enormous heart he manages to put on the court, Caja’s troupe remain attached to the game with their teeth. ; closing a new extension of Segafredo (+13 to 7 ‘) and moving to the long interval at -8.

On their return to the field, the reds and whites start with a good attitude, but then they commit a little too much naivety that Bologna punishes by taking the gap to double digits (43-33) at 6 ‘. However, the Unahotels, despite the chair grab by Daniel Hackett, manage to slow down the opponent’s forcing again, showing up in the last 10’ still inside the contest. Especially when Johnson, at 3 ‘, slips two consecutive “bombs” which bring the guests closer (-4) and force Scariolo to take refuge in time out.

However, the enthusiasm and desire of the reds and whites continue to worry Segafredo (64-63 at 6′) who must rely on the games of pure talent (and in some ways immense) of his super champions Hackett and Shengelia to put the game back together. follow in her footsteps and bring her home.

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