to assess its presence in Taranto

Juve Stabia, slight muscle injury in training for defender Francesco Donati wasps, who had to stop training. His condition to be assessed in view of Juve Stabia’s next away league game which will take place next Sunday April 3 at 5:30 p.m. Taranto.

Juve defender Stabia, born in 2001 owned by Empoli with whom the Primavera won the Scudetto last season, accused of pain in the back door of the thigh after making a cross and had to end training prematurely day-to-day.

Therefore, Donati’s conditions in the Taranto perspective have to be assessed as well as the conditions of Denis Tonucci who suffered a slight muscle injury in the second half of Juve Stabia-Catanzaro and was forced to make a switch.

Remember that in the defensive sector of the Vespas there will already be the heavy absence of Marco Caldore, trampled in turn by the sporting judge after the warning received during the match against Catanzaro, and that Nicolas Schiavi will also be missing in midfield. for the same reason.

In the meantime, this afternoon took place the Palermo-Taranto match at the “Barbera” in Palermo, valid for the resumption of the 22nd day of the championship. Lega Pro Group C.

It was an uneventful match practically won by the rosanero with the tennis result of 5-2 against Taranto, the next opponent of Juve Stabia.

The Puglia team, which returned to the field after a few weeks of forced stoppage due to the presence of many Covid-positive players, following this result remains in 15th place tied on points with Messina and by Therefore the match with Juve Stabia next Sunday, it takes on the characteristics of one of the last beaches for Puglia to try to avoid the annoying and always enigmatic queue of playouts.

Below is the report of the match lost 5-2 by Taranto, the next opponent of Juve Stabia, against Palermo.

PALERMO (4-2-3-1): Pelagotti; Accardi, Lancini, Marconi, Giron; De Rose, Dall’Oglio (46′ Damiani); Valente (80′ Silipo), Luperini (87′ Fella), Floriano (73′ Felici); Brunori (73′ Soleri). Available: Massolo, Perrotta, Buttaro, Somma, Crivello. Nardini herds (Baldini absent for Covid).

TARANTO (4-3-2-1): Chiorra; Riccardi, Zullo, Benassai, De Maria (83′ Mastromonaco); Civilleri (83′ Cannavaro), Di Gennaro (64′ Ferrara), Labriola; Pacilli (57′ Manneh), Giovinco (57′ Santarpia); Saranites. Available: Loliva, Antonino, Tommasini, Granata, Turi. Laterza herds.

REFEREE: Longo di Paola (Giorgi-Vettorel).

SCORING: 3′, 69′ Luperini, 36′, 41′ Brunori, 52′ Di Gennaro, 91′ Soleri, 94′ Zullo

Reservations: Dall’Oglio (P), Di Gennaro (T), Benassai (T), Civilleri (T).

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