To avoid dangers to our health and secure our home with little money, these small furnishing ideas could be exploited

Who doesn’t love the idea of ​​having a clean, spotless home like you see in decorating magazines? We are very attentive to detail and always try to improve the appearance of our homes. To make them as beautiful and welcoming as possible in our eyes and those of others. But often, even if we manage to achieve an excellent furnishing result, the annoying sockets and electrical cables are still visible, which very often we do not know how to hide.

Moreover, in addition to the aesthetic problem, both the cables and the sockets have a big security problem. Cables, because they could easily cause us to trip and fall; electrical sockets on the other hand because they could especially harm children. It is therefore essential to find effective solutions to cover and conceal them, in particular to make them difficult to access for the little ones.

So here we just have to choose between these cool and cheap furnishing ideas, to avoid dangers to our health.

For power outlets, there are many models of retractable electrical outlets on the market today. Which can solve the problem easily for us and which are perfect for close to the ground shots. But it is also true that if we want to give a more original touch to our home, especially for sockets mounted higher, we could opt for something more original.

The creative shelf

If the electrical socket that we need to cover is at a high enough height above the ground, we could create ourselves or buy a small shelf in a specialized store, suitable to cover the overall dimensions of the socket. The important thing will be that the shelf has some sort of drawer or door that can be opened. So that we can open it for hassle-free access to the socket when we need it. And rather keep it closed when we want to hide it. In addition, in the upper part of the shelf, we can also put objects that we like and use it as a support.

To avoid dangers to our health and secure our home with little money, these small furnishing ideas could be exploited

As for the cables, however, with a bit of inventiveness we can use a shoebox. Which we can also decorate as we wish. We just need to make two holes in the shorter walls of the box. At these two holes we will make a cut in the upper part to pass the cables. Inside the box we will place the power strip. And with the lid we will close it to hide all the sockets.

Finally, we can opt for an even more original idea. That is, instead of hiding the cables, we can highlight them, making them an integral part of the furniture. If we’re creative enough, we can actually create custom designs on the wall, using the power cable. For example, we can use it to draw the profile of a city. Or stylized trees. Or whatever comes to mind that fits well with all of our furniture. In the end, we will only have to stop the cable, as we “draw”, with some cable ties with nails to fix to the wall. And the game will be done.

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The slamming cooker and the flashing oven or the freezer turning on and off and other insignificant faults in our appliances could for these reasons also endanger our lives.

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