To get rid of lactic acid after physical activity or training, here are 5 remedies and more methods to prevent it

Commitments of all kinds can take up most of the day, causing us to forget something important. In addition to eating in a hurry, we sometimes put off a leisurely walk or a workout at the gym. Then, when we resume physical activity, we may experience muscle discomfort. Soreness, pain, heaviness are some of the symptoms of muscle microtrauma, while burning can indicate the presence of lactic acid. In fact, it is as if the body were protecting itself from exceeding a fatigue threshold, since in this way our movements are limited. In people who play sports, the feeling of discomfort usually passes easily in a short time. Here are some ways to get rid of lactic acid more easily and help your muscles:

  • take a nice hot bath after running or working out at the gym. In this way, the heat would help the muscles to relax. A few drops of lavender essential oil can be added to water, with a relaxing effect. Two drops of rosemary, for example, in almond oil through massage could then stimulate circulation and relieve muscle pain;
  • another remedy is ice pack. The cold could relieve muscle pain. Keep the compress for a short time anyway.

To get rid of lactic acid after physical activity or training, here are 5 remedies and more methods to prevent it

Let’s see another help for post-workout pain:

  • eating fruits, which are particularly high in potassium, may help the liver break down lactic acid. A banana would suffice, but an avocado, a kiwi or currants would also be suitable, to eat after the effort;
  • Magnesium might also be helpful in helping muscles. A handful of nuts, such as almonds and pistachios, would help relax any contractures;
  • finally, under medical advice, if the pain persists, ointments or specific anti-inflammatory drugs may be necessary, in addition to rest.

To prevent contractures and excess lactic acid, experts recommend a muscle warm-up phase and some stretching before training. After that, some relaxation exercises would be necessary. It is also important to take care of hydration by drinking water and not to overdo it with loads with tools. Even a healthy and varied diet could be beneficial, without neglecting the consumption of fruits and vegetables, rich in minerals. Since the liver is responsible for eliminating lactic acid, it would be useful not to overload it with too fatty and fried foods and to purify it from time to time with natural drinks.

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