To prevent injuries and warm up the muscles before each workout, you can practice these useful exercises which are also inspired by dance.

Training is good and very important for our health. But so does a good warm-up before you start lifting weights, running, doing aerobics, or dancing. And it is precisely from dance that these useful exercises are inspired to prevent injuries and warm up the muscles. Especially in hip hop or break dancing, where the movements must be loose and in some cases jerky, moving the different parts of the body independently. However, these exercises are not only useful for dancers, but they can all be practiced. to carry out a really effective warm-up before any sporting activity.

They are called isolations and are performed in time with the music, moving the body parts individually, one at a time.

Let’s see how to practice a series of complete isolation exercises

First of all, we will need a complete mirror where we can observe our body while we perform the movements.

We choose the music we prefer, it will be useful for us to focus on following the rhythm while doing the movements. And it will help us better understand when we are wrong.

We may wear tight clothes, like leggings and tops, to get a good look at our body parts and understand if they are moving in the right direction.

Let’s start by standing in front of the mirror. Legs apart, no wider than the shoulders, we keep the knees slightly bent. And we put our hands on our hips keeping our shoulders relaxed.

Head insulation

Start by moving your head from left to right while keeping your gaze forward. When we come to the left, we slightly move the chin forward and do the same on the other side. We perform these movements smoothly, to the rhythm of the music, 8 times. All without moving the neck or any other part of the body. We then make similar movements, but this time moving the head forwards and backwards, horizontally in relation to the neck.

To prevent injuries and warm up the muscles before each workout, we can practice these useful exercises that are also inspired by dance

Shoulder isolation. Let’s start by lifting only the shoulders at the same time. Try to bring them to the ears and then let them go. More fluid movements, in rhythm with the music, 8 times. We always stay focused on the fact that the rest of the body does not have to move. Now with the same movements we alternate the shoulders. Then we pass one shoulder at a time, first to the right then to the left.

Bust insulation

This exercise is more difficult than the previous ones, because you will have to completely isolate the upper body and keep the rest still. Always with your hands on your hips, start by making alternating lateral movements, right and left. Then back and forth. And finally we try to create a circle with the bust. We do each of these movements 8 times.

Basin insulation

Also in this case, the difficulty is high. We will have to perform the same movements with the pelvis that we saw for the torso. Keep your hands on your hips and your knees well bent. And even then, the rest of the body must be still.

If we practice these exercises for the first time, initially it will not be easy to understand the mechanism. But with daily practice we can achieve great results and reap great benefits.

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