Together for sport, the proposals of the Capitoline councilors of the last 30 years

Newspaper (Sportivi per Roma): “New format that everyone liked”

Drafting – March 28, 2022

Rome, March 28, 2022 – The capital’s sports policy leaders from the Carraro era have come together for the first time in the initiative organized by Sportivi per Roma, tracing over three decades of sports governance in Rome.

“A new format, with the aim of enhancing the best of each experience” – he comments Angelo’s Diary – “We have shown that in sport the objectives to be achieved, as well as the problems to be solved, are not new and do not change with the alternation of political forces governing the city: this is an important message that we were able to send”.

“In the 90s, the relationship between Coni and the municipality was born with the logic of developing school facilities, swimming pools and multipurpose land that had been built as works in deduction from the construction of school buildings” – he explains Alphonse Rossi – “It was a system that worked, because it brought sports equipment to difficult neighborhoods, where putting a new swimming pool meant giving young people the possibility of having a meeting place. Many factories that were open at that time and had thousands of users are now reduced to rubble.”

“The call that must be made today is: call now” – he said Alessandro Cochi – “There are dozens of closed systems whose keys must be handed over to new managers. More than half of the municipal power plants are at risk of closure next year, make no mistake that the concessionaire is bound to be a wily one: the concessionaire is the one who has continued the power plants even in these three years, despite the closures which have been imposed during the pandemic and despite the high bills”.

“A particular theme on which we can find convergence is the Flaminio stadium” – he says Paul Massini – “It is absurd that such a factory should be abandoned. It is essential to strengthen the relationship between school and sport, because it is from school that we must start teaching children to play sport, in new sports halls and spaces that are fully used and not left unused, and raising awareness of sport as a tool for integration”.

“There are historical problems that the Municipality alone will never be able to solve” – ​​he says Daniele Frongia – “The support of the national government is necessary. Direct trust can no longer be made and calls last for years: advisers and managers can be changed but certain times cannot be compressed. The proposal we can make is, together, to contribute to a document with specific requests and then strike at the Government: we all have these requests in mind, which have to do, for example, with town planning and heritage aspects”.

“An evocative and constructive meeting, during which each speaker made available his wealth of experiences, positive and negative, explaining the reasons for the problems that must be faced today and making shared and useful proposals to overcome them. ” he concludes Mirco Fratta – “These proposals constitute avenues from which to begin a second discussion, which we undertake to organize as soon as possible, to give continuity to the initiative”.

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Photo: from left to right, Cochi, Masini and Frongia, sports directors of the mayors Alemanno, Marino and Raggi.

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