Too good to leave, boxes with unsold goods arrive in Macerata and Civitanova

Macerata, April 11, 2022 – “It’s a way for avoid waste, otherwise we should have thrown a lot of leftovers in the trash.” A also begins to cling Macerata and Civitanova the “Too good to go” digital application, designed for commercial activities concerned with the environment: thanks to the sale of the “Magic Box”, bags containing a surprise selection of unsold products at the end of the day, traders have the possibility of reducing their waste and obtaining a small income from food that would otherwise be thrown away. In addition to merchants, consumers benefit from the Magic Box, which buys unsold items at an affordable price, at a third of the initial amount, by paying directly through the application.

After you downloaded the app on your phone and after registering (free of charge), the activities and businesses in the territory that join will appear on the home page, thanks to the use of geolocation. In the city, those who have joined include the Piazza Mazzini pastry shop, Caffettone, the Filoni pastry shop, the Caffè Espresso pastry shop, There’s pizza for you pizzeria, Friends Cafè, the Tiffany restaurant, the Tamaya pizzeria bar, the Doppio pizzeria. Zero, the pizzeria Cotta e magnata, Basquiat Bistrot and the newsstand via Garibaldi. “We traders can choose the time slots for the collection of the magic box and the price – explains Guido Casoni of the Piazza Mazzini pastry bar -. Thanks to geolocation you can see who near you offers this service: after payment, the application releases a code to the customer which is then read for verification. We put both pasta and pizzas in it: we make one in the morning, to be picked up at 10 a.m., in which we mainly put the leaves, and one in the evening to be collected at 7:30 p.m. in which we put the brioches. What is good is that these are products that we would have thrown away. We can also save on waste”. “I have been a member of the app for three years, but at first very few of us used it, now it has settled – adds Fabio Andreozzi from Caffettone -. I joined because I always had stays in the evening and a A friend of mine from Bologna recommended this application to me, as it was already used a lot there. The application is well made and easy to use, the customers for this type of request are of all kinds: university students to more adults. In my box I put mostly pastries and we make a delivery a day, from 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. “.

In Civitanova the pastry shop “Le ghiottenerie di Franco”, in Piazza XX Settembre, has also joined “Too good To go”. Fabio Ricci, restaurant employee explains: “The package contains the unsold items of the day, in a sweet and savory mix to buy 3 euros, against a value of more than 9 euros. The package is to be collected from 7:15 am. Every day, there is someone who joins forces and I am happy about it, because it is a program aimed at combating food waste, which adds to the collaborations already in place with certain associations in the area, such as Caritas”. So, a service thanks to which everyone gains a little: the managers of the premises, who recover part of the costs incurred for the purchase of production equipment, the customer who buys at an advantageous price what he should have paid higher figures and last but not least, the environment, because recovering is above all respecting.

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